Category: Market Analysis

$SPX 2126

Oh yea, laugh all you want, but I feel obliged to present a technical case for $SPX 2126. Why? Because it’s there. And my eyes are wide open. Central banks across the […]


Must Watch

Markets are super noisy and jerky right now. Yield panic, recession concerns, headlines and tweets bringing about massive price swings in any direction. It can spin anyone’s head. Let’s step back and […]

Tight Rope

Bulls are walking a tight rope here. There are smoldering fires burning everywhere. Almost too many to list, all of which have the potential to unleash a major forest fire. Europe data […]


And yesterday it happened, the big flush following weeks of volatility compression. $ES down 250 handles in a matter of days. Now the bounce. Events like this can be overwhelming and you’ll […]

Watch Closely

Something significant has happened with US markets this week and whether you’re bullish or bearish I suggest: Watch closely. Full disclosure: We’ve been approaching July from the sell side and I’ve been […]

Gut Check

One day does not a confirmed reversal make, but I wanted to offer a couple of gut check thoughts and chart updates. If you’ve been reading my weekly market briefs and some […]

All In

As outlined this weekend put call ratios are fairly low and benign going into this week’s Fed meeting. No worries. Investor positioning? All in long it appears. One indicator combination of interest, […]


Markets are doing their thing and are walking toward the shining light that they perceive the upcoming Fed meeting to be. $SPX new highs this week, $NDX new highs this week. Looks […]


It’s that time of the year again, the ritual $VIX crushing as markets are relentlessly drifting into the Sell Zone in anticipation of rate cuts from the Fed and more stimulus from […]

Small Craps

Greatest economy ever according to the presidential talking points, new market highs in July, free money just around the corner with every central bank looking to cut rates because greatest economy ever. […]