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Technical Analysis: $NDX

December 9, 2017

Please find below a technical analysis of the Nasdaq 100 ($NDX) reviewing charts on multiple time frames. The review is aimed at identifying upside potential and downside risk from a swing trade perspective and is provided for informational & educational purposes only. For other video analysis please visit: Videos For our market products please visit… Read More ›


The Altar of FOMO

Retail investors are worshipping at the altar of FOMO (fear of missing out). It may prove to be a painful experience. Never before has retail gotten this aggressively exposed to stocks. Just in time when central banks and buybacks are pulling back. I talked a bit about this in the recent The Carrot Top, but… Read More ›

The Carrot Top

No period is worse for bears than when it’s the best time to sell stocks. It’s the polar opposite of when conditions are worst for bulls, right when it’s the best time to buy as it was in January-March 2009. The exhaustion factor is enormous. It’s called capitulation as moves get stretched to the extreme… Read More ›

Magic Levitation

Some notes of observation as new highs once again dominate the headlines. As I wrote a few weeks ago in Thin to Win¬†these rallies are not expanding at all. Indeed they appear to be getting weaker underneath. I’ll show you some data points. Firstly note the current structure of the market. Most all gains appear… Read More ›

The Silence of the Bears

The silence of the bears is deafening. And who can blame them? The last 2 years have been absolutely brutal for any fans of price discovery, volatility and anything analytical mattering. Nothing matters. Be it divergences, valuations, earnings misses, slowing data, yield curve, equal weight, internals, catastrophes in nature, slowing loan growth, slowing auto sales,… Read More ›

The Program

As the dips keep getting shallower and shallower and market projections get more bullish by the day (see Goldman’s capitulation today) the running volatility compression program continues to be the cornerstone of market gains. Just last week we got another taste of the precision with which the program is run: $VIX: Trend line rejection. Perfection…. Read More ›

Weekend Charts: The Great Void

I feel compelled to keep documenting reality to raise awareness of the ever larger market dangers which keep lurking underneath the current bubble. Indeed I keep seeing a great void not only in awareness but also in price discovery that have propelled markets to current levels leaving investors and participants ever more lulled into a… Read More ›

Thin to Win

Just a quick follow-up to my recent observations on weakening internals in The Deflating Rally. If recent internals were weakening then what we observed yesterday in the Nasdaq was a complete breakdown. You wouldn’t know it from the actual indices, but look what’s happening underneath: This is the cumulative advance/decline on the Nasdaq yesterday while… Read More ›

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