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Shifting Gears

April 17, 2017

We closed our last $SPX short scale in overnight weakness recognizing further downside risk remains hence we have maintained our remaining $NDX and $RUT shorts. But we’re also cognizant of various technical and seasonal factors here and hence we are looking to shifting gears toward tactical longs for a few days and I’ll outline in… Read More ›

Beast Mode

I had an opportunity to speak with the Fast Money crew on CNBC last night about the Nasdaq and following the interview I received a bunch of questions via twitter and email. There’s only so much you can pack into a 4-5 min segment so I wanted to briefly expand a bit on the reasoning behind… Read More ›

The Final Wave

This week I had an opportunity to speak with Brian Sullivan on CNBC’s Trading Nation (see also Media) and discuss a couple of charts. In the interview I mentioned that from our perspective we are in the final wave of this bull market: “We’re coming from a point of view that we’re in this kind of final wave… Read More ›

Chained to the Rhythm

Are we crazy? Living our lives through a lens Trapped in our white picket fence Like ornaments So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble, bubble So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, trouble well, just going by the fossil record we all know how this ends.. 🔥😁$ES — Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) March 16, 2017… Read More ›


Below is a video outlining some key technical disconnects we’re observing in this market at this time. As retail money is flowing in long in the current market the charts outlined in the segment below may be of interest to anyone whether bullish or bearish. To view the video/chart in larger screen please click on “youtube” at… Read More ›

The Coming Bear Market

The bears are dead. Long live the bears. And that, in a nutshell, describes every bubble and emerging bear market there ever was. There is no doubt that the recent market environment has been unrelenting in terms of its unidirectional focus. Yet it is precisely the very market environment bears wanted: Exuberant markets, markets highly stretched above historic… Read More ›

2017 Market Outlook

Welcome to 2017. According to Wall Street it will be a fairly straightforward affair of a continued bull market with little corrective risk along the way. They may be correct of course as artificial liquidity by global central banks continues to flow at record levels and the incoming Trump administration has promised more free money… Read More ›

2016 Market Review: Party Hardy

In the era of fake news and artificial liquidity why even bother writing an epitaph on what could be described as one of the oddest years in recent memory? Precisely because dialectic truth appears sorely missing in the public narrative, but such is the nature of bubbles. In fact, it was the lessons of 2007 when… Read More ›

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