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Caution: One Way Street (COWS)

August 3, 2017

In addition to all the macro and technical analysis I’ve published as of late I’d like to just add one additional key point: Caution – Markets are not a one way street. But that’s precisely what price discovery has evolved to and that opens markets to the possibility of a potential risk off event currently… Read More ›

Welcome to the Danger Zone

Welcome to the danger zone: 2484 $SPX. We hit it this week. If you are a long time reader you know this is a hot zone in markets I’ve been talking about for a long time and now that we have reached this area I would be amiss to not talk about it. And I… Read More ›


The $VIX has been a patient with an irregular heartbeat ever since central banks injected markets with artificial stimulus. After years of abuse his body finally gave out and his heartbeat was reduced to sporadic palpitations as central banks cranked up the stimulus to lethal levels in 2017. In short: Mr. $VIX was in his… Read More ›

Playing with Fire

2453.82 was the high on $SPX yesterday and may still not be the high for this market, but bulls are playing with fire here and risk getting burned big time as we are reaching the upper price risk zone I’ve been talking about for quite some time now ($SPX 2450-2500) [for further reading please see… Read More ›

Market Facts & Surprises

Below is the June market review discussing markets in context of new highs looking at key technical and macro factors we’re considering at this time. To view the video/chart in larger screen please click on “youtube” at the bottom of the video screen and click “full screen”: To gain access to our daily market analysis please… Read More ›

Race to 1K

Note: This was sent to clients on May 23rd outlining the rationale for selling $1K headlines if/when they came: I woke up to futures red and news that 22 people (including children) having been killed in a horrific suicide attack in Manchester last night. Dozens injured. The 2nd terror attack in the UK this year. A… Read More ›

Lords of the Gaps

Not all market gaps fill, some can stay open for years or never fill. But most gaps fill. Sooner or later. In this context a chart of the $QQQ over the past year and a half reveals a stunner of a chart: 16 open gaps that I can count and perhaps observant readers can point… Read More ›

Panic Compressions

We’ve talked about the record low volatility compression in US markets for quite some time. In March we talked about a coming volatility spike (which we got), but the French election, like any of the previous elections in the recent past (think Brexit, the US election, the Italy referendum) all have served as triggers to compress… Read More ›

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