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Actionable Trade SetUps

Our mission: Identify Actionable¬†Technical¬†Trade SetUps. The purpose of finding these trade setups is simple: Outline favorable trade entry points at key directional turns to deliver high returns. How to do this is […]


Bull Market Requiem

A bull market requiem: Following the financial crisis the world needed coordinated structural solutions (and those would be hard requiring tough choices). Instead what the world got was coordinated central bank intervention […]


Note: Below is the Daily Market Brief sent to clients on Sunday March 25 prior to futures open assessing technical risk levels and directional strategy in context of high volatility and uncertainty […]

Index Charts

Quick post here to follow up on some index charts I posted this weekend in “Who’s Lying?“. I’ll just post the index charts below, you have the context in this weekend’s article […]

Market Paradox

What Correction I asked yesterday as many key stocks and indices don’t show any correction on longer term time frames so quickly came the bounce erasing virtually all losses. But the quick […]

Fog Monster

Note: This is the Daily Market Brief issued to clients on Monday March 5, 2018 before market open, outlining our market strategy and outlook for the coming week. I’m sharing it to […]