Sorry no weekend video this weekend, instead I just wanted to offer some commentary on some of the macro charts I recently posted on twitter. The larger message of all of these charts: Intervention is ultimately coming be it in the form of rate cuts and/or QE. It's just a matter of the how and the … Continue reading

This Week on NT

Catch up on the latest public articles on NorthmanTrader: For the latest public analysis please visit NorthmanTrader.┬áTo subscribe to our market products please visit Services. All content is provided as information only and should not be taken as investment or trading advice. Any … Continue reading


Magic Risk Free Friday in full swing, futures up again and as I mentioned yesterday the case could be made for a double bottom here which goes in the face of the macro environment which continues to deteriorate. It's a conundrum which we need to navigate through carefully. This week has seen a lot … Continue reading

The Slow Down

Remember all that talk of optimism in Q1 and into April? It came easy after markets rallied hard following the Fed caving. The Q1 slowdown was just temporary, it's going to be like early 2016, easy Fed is all that matters. Besides, a trade deal is just around the corner. Don't you know? Look at … Continue reading


Programming note: I have the dubious pleasure of taking a bunch of teenagers to a Rap concert in London tonight (God help me) so I'll miss the 2nd half of the trading day. I'll have my mobile with me obviously and if anything major happens I can react, Mella will be around on stream to keep you … Continue reading