Actionable Trade SetUps


Our mission: Identify Actionable Technical Trade SetUps. The purpose of finding these trade setups is simple: Outline favorable trade entry points at key directional turns to deliver high returns. How to do this is much more complex and if it was easy everyone could do it. In fact, many traders … Continue reading

The Challenge

Here's my challenge: Drop 20 pounds by the end of the year and I encourage anyone interested to join me and follow my journey here as I'll be documenting my process and progress. Why put it out in public? Well, for one, failure is not an appealing option if you put it out in front over 55,000 … Continue reading

Chart Chatter: $NDX

Welcome to Chart Chatter where we discuss various technical charts we find of interest. We cover indices, signals and stocks on different timeframes highlighting different technical techniques we use over time. We'll focus on key observations we find relevant which readers may find of use for their … Continue reading

KISS Report

Mella's morning note to clients below. #marketwisdom #KISS Morning guys, I want to keep this simple and get straight into the charts. But just quickly we have to acknowledge here the dynamics of the markets. Europe started the decline first. Everyone thought that the US would be immune to the … Continue reading