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May 26, 2017 • KISS Charts

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Market Analysis »

Lords of the Gaps


Not all market gaps fill, some can stay open for years or never fill. But most gaps fill. Sooner or later. In this context a chart of the $QQQ over the past year and a half reveals a stunner of a chart: 16 open gaps that I can count and perhaps observant readers can point… Read More ›

The Edge »

World War III


You can’t see the bombs, you can’t see the casualties, and you can’t see the headlines, but World War III is already in full progress.  And no, I’m not talking North Korea, Iran, or Syria or any other countries with minuscule military budgets in comparison to the US that are often hyped to be a… Read More ›

Macro Corner »

Tax Cuts Now, Consequences Later


Look, who doesn’t like tax cuts? You get more money in your pocket and you spend more, that’s the premise after all. So it all sounds good on paper, especially when there’s not a detailed discussion of any downsides or risk, or consequences. And that fact in itself has me suspicious and should make you… Read More ›

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