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“I signed up to NorthmanTrader’s service in the Summer of 2014. I’d followed him on Twitter for a while and liked his style, so decided to sign up despite huge reservations about ever signing up to a trading service on Twitter. Somehow I felt I could make an exception here, and it turned out to be a great decision. He’s one of the best traders I’ve seen, works tirelessly for his subscribers and provides excellent analysis in daily write-ups delivered with impressive consistency.

So Northman was my conduit into the combined service with Mella. Though I naturally gravitate more towards Northman (probably, if i’m honest, cause I lean bearish), for that very reason Mella might be even more useful to me. She often tells me what I don’t want to hear…and she’s usually right. She also does away with the b/s (true to the KISS principle), has a great feel for the market and a much keener sense of the big picture than many a high-falutin macro type. She’s really fun, but at the same time takes her job very seriously and genuinely cares about the plight of her subscribers.

To sum up, the two styles really complement one another, and what you get is a fantastic service at a very reasonable price (I simply can’t believe what many lesser traders charge).

If you ever find yourself on the other side of one of their trades, be very worried!” Ivan, Essex, UK

“The  combined  talents of  kisstrades & premiumtrades in this service covers almost all, if not all, one needs to  navigate these markets successfully. The confidence they have seems to magically transfer over to your own trading. That’s what iIhave found so far..and to boot they do not boast about their success. And finally your own success seems very important to them.. I hope they continue this service a long long time.”  Charles – Beachwood, Ohio, USA

“As a trader with close to 5 years experience it was exciting to discover Northman and Mella’s combined service and put some final touches to my overall trading repertoire. Having the two of them together works really well because you get Northman’s impeccable timing of short term market moves combined with Mella’s bigger picture view and support levels. It’s been a real eye opener to see the dogged approach to catching moves by quickly setting stops to break even and not backing away from entering as many times as necessary until the move sticks. In addition the discipline of scaling out as a trade progresses has had an immediate impact on my bottom line. I’m thrilled with the service and hope they stay around for a good long while.” Josh – Raleigh, NC USA

“Our firm manages ~$500 million in client assets. Sven and Mella’s service has been invaluable in determining optimal times to increase and decrease our clients index exposure as well as when to add hedges to the portfolios. It is very rare in this business to find investment strategists that don’t let their macro opinion determine their investment strategy. Trading both long and short has almost become a lost art these days but it is something that Sven and Mella do very well. Their investment strategy has also been extremely helpful in positioning my personal assets.

On a side note, in a business that is extremely serious, the interaction between husband and wife is both refreshing and at times very funny. Their commentary between each of them, in addition to being very helpful, lightens up what is normally a very drab profession.” Tony – Georgia, USA

“I have been actively involved in the commodity markets trading for both banks and as an independent for nearly two decades. I didn’t think it was possible for a “service” to offer such incredible, spot on, analysis and trade ideas on a daily basis. In an age where algos dominate the intra-day flow of ALL markets, Mella and Sven have found a way to navigate through all of the noise while sticking to a well thought out and structured plan.

In addition to a posting a very informative “daily write up” with their longer term views, they post their “entry/exit” levels LIVE time on the stream. I must say that if I were not able to see these trades in real time I would definitely have to question their authenticity–that is how good they are.

I signed up for this service as bit of a “flier” a few years back and it has exponentially exceed my expectations. It is a trading tool that I now rely on. I can not stress enough how much this has helped my overall feel for the market and day to day trading”Danny, NY USA

“Excellent product. You’re both very skilled.  Love how you lay out the strategy with full explanation.  Superb at capital conservation.  Drawdowns have been minimal. Amazed how well you’ve done trading even when trading is very sluggish.” Ron – Illinois, USA

Joining Northmantrader.com has been the biggest factor that made me a better, wiser and profitable trader. Not only are Sven and Mella been helpful but their years of experience in studying the market has given me that extra edge to stay sane in this market.Andy – Southampton, UK

“Together they are deadly combination. I haven’t seen many traders who are winner in this choppy market. Morning write ups are excellent & strategies are well devised. I have using this service for quite some time & I am confident that you can make serious money by following them. Keep the good work going. Thanks.” Sandeep – Hertfordshire, UK

Northy and Mella have guided me to consistent success during the last 6 months. A quality service run by top class traders. Sam – Liverpool, UK

“Exposure to futures is now a potent tool in my portfolio. Northman and Mella have been expert mentors (I’ve learned so much). Don’t trade futures without a guide – and they do not come any better than Mella & Northman. Thanks to you both for what you do!”  Kyle – Chicago, USA

“Premiumtrades offers great value via deep and bright analysis on different timeframes. Whatever your trading style and experience level it definitely helps improve your trading.” G  – Italy


“I’ve followed the Northman for a long time now and trust his work. He makes money whether long or short consistently. He provides the unique combination of sound technical analysis and market feel. This only comes from experience. The bottom line is the Northman is good and worth following.” Vince, Chicago

“Professional and punctual service. Bright, sophisticated, non-biased analysis and always risk management conscious. Very positive performance since beginning of service.” G, Italy

I have been following Northman Trader for over a year on Twitter and and was thrilled when he started a private client service so I could more closely follow all of his trades. His methods are sound, his sense of market timing impeccable and the results speak for themselves. It is also obvious he is well-versed in Economics, International Finance, History, Politics and Monetary Policy – to name a few- which in my opinion, gives him the extraordinary skill to anticipate market moves in advance. And that, my friend, is priceless! – Lisa, USA

“The risk/reward aspect of your method continues to be underrated.  As an example, I’ve been trading on your daily ideas for a half month now (with a few travel days off) and my profit exceeds the maximum amount I’ve had at risk at any one time.  My technical term for that is “fucking amazing.” Randy, USA

“Excellent stuff so far. I must say. Very impressed, you make the methods clear and easy for anyone to follow; impressed with identifying the high probability trades and FOLLOWING THE RULES.”  Ira, USA

“Hey Northy.. Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2014.. Last 2 weeks have been great trading BOTH long and short.  Thx for your hard work on the service.  The insight you have and give is incredible. I look forward to learning more from you in 2014.” Steve, USA

“As a new member I’m loving ur outlook and tweets!” – Jay, USA

“Hey Northy…just wanted to shoot you a quick note and say that the way you carry yourself on twitter is greatly admired and respected. Your demeanor between professionalism, transparency, and unselfishness, it is quite refreshing.” Matt, USA

“Thank you very much for your help Sir! You are a Master in this business! That’s for sure! Thank for your write-up on the account strategy. Very helpful. I lost much money overtrading and oversizing my positions in one direction or another but following you I’m becoming more disciplined and less nervous.Good job! Keep up the good work! Best Regards.” Nicola  Italy

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