Category: Market Analysis

Weekly Market Update

In recent weeks deteriorating internals and diverging relative strength sent strong warning signals that recent highs were unlikely to sustain and presented a technical sell opportunity on indices. The trigger for rejection […]


Chart Storm

Who’s ready for a chart storm? In early September I outlined in Lying Highs that many sectors are either not confirming new highs or are not making new highs. Has anything changed? Let’s […]

Peak Tech?

Big earnings reports this past week with some notable stock reactions, especially in technology. Recently, ahead of earnings, I issued a technical alert regarding the tech sector. Below please find a video […]

Bull Rebuttal

All fear has left markets again as markets have rallied steadily into early June. $VIX has printed an 11 handle again, tech and small caps are making new highs. Optimism is back in […]

Chop Zone

Some general chart observations for this Memorial Day weekend: Welcome to the chop zone, the place where the conviction of both bulls and bears get tested as markets relentlessly ping pong in […]