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I’m streamlining my twitter feed a bit to cut down on noise and to make it easier to keep track of key information links to refer to later. In Quick Takes I post links I find of interest & relevant on any given day. These links will cover a broad spectrum of items, from the market impacting/relevant to economic & political news, social and the occasional potpourri/humorous and I may add a quick thought/impression.

If you, as I am, sift through tons of news throughout the day to stay informed then you may come to find these Quick Takes as a useful resource.

UK savings grow at slowest rate since crisis while credit card borrowing surges

QT: Consumers are tapped out and can’t ill afford inflation or any slowdown.

China’s Stock Markets Are Calm, But Its Traders Are Restless

QT: The global volatility compression has folks on edge. People are increasingly vocal about questioning the veracity/sustainability of this current environment as we saw in just the past couple of days with Ray Dalio, Gundlach and Einhorn.

Forget ECB’s Taper, Investors Want to Know When Rates Go Up

QT: They won’t find out tomorrow. Draghi will remain very non specific on this.

Stock market would see ‘setback’ if Trump tax package fails, says BlackRock’s Fink

QT: We’re seeing a lack of selling as folks are waiting for clarity on the tax debate. So far markets remain untested.

Investors to pour record $400bn into US equities ETFs next year – Goldman

Blackstone Plans to Double Assets to $800 Billion in Five Years

QT: I see an increase in voices that are musing or declaring that valuations or earnings no longer matter and rising markets have become a fact of life. I’ll take it as a sentiment check brought about by an artificial liquidity cycle.

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