Clear and Present Danger

The Federal Reserve and other central banks represent a clear and present danger to future financial stability.

I’ve been saying for a while central banks are fueling an asset bubble and as global market distortions keep expanding week after week there’s no reason to back to walk away from that assertion but rather to stand up and scream the message from the rooftops especially now that central bankers are casually letting some key truths slip (intended or not).

Following up to the Alternative View and The Ugly Truth we got a stunning admission today from Philly Fed Chief Harker:

“The U.S. central bank may begin paring back its bond-buying program as soon as the end of this year, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Patrick Harker said. “I could see, potentially, that occurring at the very end of 2021 or early 2022. But it is all going to depend on the course of the economy, which will depend on the course of the virus,”.“It could cause disruption in the markets if we try to do it too soon,” he said.”

There it is, the crux of it all. Not a disruption in the economy, in markets. For a central bank that claims to target the economy with its policies this statement reveals a keen awareness that markets are greatly influenced by the Fed’s QE liquidity operations, QE and otherwise, indeed are dependent on it and the fear of markets reacting is profoundly on the Fed’s mind.

It’s been my long standing contention that with the advent of the 2009 crisis and the Fed’s original intervention methods which were meant to be temporary the Fed has created a market monster that they need to keep feeding for fear it will eat their policy construct alive. A codependency of the worst kind as the market has become so large and disconnected that even a basic correction can be damaging to the economy. We saw this in during the Fed’s policy “mistake” when they were non accommodative for 3 months out of the last 12 years and market dropped hard into Q4 of 2018 immediately impacting retail sales badly.

This inability to extract itself from the policy construct has created a very unhealthy level of codependency. As Mohamed El-Erian comments:

“We have stumbled into very unhealthy codependences; codependences between central banks and investors, between central banks and debt issuers which are governments and companies, and between central banks and politicians. They are all in this unhealthy codependency. It’s like a bad marriage: They’ve ended up relying on each other, and they just don’t know how to get out of it.”

I don’t think central banks quite realize how much irresponsible risk taking is going on. In 2010, Ben Bernanke talked about the benefits, costs and risks that come with unconventional policy. He added, the longer you maintain it, the lower the benefits, the higher the costs and risks. This was ten years ago. At that time, Bernanke was thinking of unconventional policy as an economic bridge. Now, it has become a destination.”

Hence that policy experiment of normalizing was immediately and apparently permanently abandoned following the market drop in 2018. Let’s not forget the Fed under Yellen was ever so cautious in raising rates and ever so careful in reducing the Fed’s balance sheet between late 2015 and 2018. Indeed I would argue the only reason they were able to do any of it was under the cover of $5.5 trillion in QE flooding global markets induced by other central banks and the liquidity infusions coming courtesy of corporate tax cuts in 2017.

All this ended in 2018. Now due to Covid the Fed and other central banks went wild with liquidity and the monster has gotten even larger and angrier.

The market disconnects from the economy are larger than ever about to exceed 190% in market capitalization vs GDP making the year 2000 look like child’s play:

Everything has gone vertical.

Equities along with M1 money supply:

Individual stock charts:

Oh, pardon me, that was $CSCO trading during the year 2000 tech bubble before entirely collapsing along with the rest of the tech bubble.

I must’ve confused the chart with that of $TSLA making Elon Musk now the richest person on planet Earth in just a matter of a few months:

Asset classes are exploding vertically all over the place.

Notable now also Bitcoin many of its adherents are vocally citing the Fed’s monetary perversions and the corollary destruction of the US dollar as a prime argument for owning bitcoin as a safe haven to protect purchasing power:

Small caps now sporting forward multiples north of 80 have also embarked on their own vertical journey:

Resulting in the highest disconnect from its 200 day moving average in history:

Also vertical? Price to sales, the highest ever read in the valuation metric ever:

Nothing says bubble more than seeing prices the most disconnected from a mere sales basis, never mind earnings.

These are not trivial charts or events. They represent imbalances, excesses and distortions running through the entire market construct and they keep getting worse with each day of new record highs.

Vertical moves can be awe inspiring as we are witnessing them now, but they lead to distortions and imbalances that ultimately collapse bringing about massive damage and financial stability risks. Given how intertwined markets and the economy now are it is no wonder the Fed wants to avoid a market disruption.

The imbalances, excesses and distortions are the very same ones Fed governor Kaplan copped to in December:

This is the construct the Fed does not want to “disrupt”. I’d argue the Fed has already disrupted the market, to the upside. The Fed has created the very imbalance they are now afraid of disrupting.

The Fed is set on letting the loosest financial conditions in history and insatiable risk taking continue:

This asset bubble they have created is part of what they think is a calculated strategy to bring about inflation, even willing to let it run hot thinking they can control hot inflation:

I’m sorry, but the Fed hasn’t been able to control anything in recent years, from the failed attempt to normalize their balance sheet or rates, or the sudden repo crisis. Always behind the curve and overtaken by events in the real world the Fed continues to be forced to do ever more, entirely hapless on how to extract itself from the monster it has created.

Investors appear entirely comfortable with vertical charts and record imbalances, disconnects and valuations especially with the view that central banks continue to print record and low rates themselves justify these valuations via the risk free rate.

But the danger is that the risk free rate may not be so risk free for too much longer for, as one of the charts highlighted in the Alternative View, the yield curve is steepening:

In short: The market may disrupt itself before the Fed even thinks about thinking tapering its balance sheet purchases and this disruption potential represents a clear and present danger to the economy brought about by the very distortions the Fed has induced with its excessive intervention policies.

The Fed is the danger, but it appears to be too arrogant to realize it.

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  1. Sven
    Let’s face it. You have MiSSED the biggest stock market Bull of ALL TIME.

    Doesn’t matter if TSLA collapses to $100 next year or QQQ get blown to smithereens.

    You MISSED the OBVIOUS that the CBs were intent to send asset prices skyrocketing in response to Covid.

    Expect S&P to vault to 4100 EASILY while you continue to drone on about valuations soon to be at 200% of GDP.

      • Sven and all readers,

        please retweet Sheila Bair’s article from yesterday 1/7 (find tweet at @SheilaBair2013) regarding support for the fed reserve corporate debt program must die.

        Help her get this out to the 99%ers.

        Thank you.

    • The real coup was by the Federal Reserve. The Fed has taken control of the stock market and our free market capitalistic system. Yet nobody challenges the Federal Reserve. Not even congress who has oversight of the Fed. Who is going to stand up and expose the Fed’s coup and how Congress, Trump, big corporations, news, social media and the 1% were complicit in it.

    • Everyone check out the article today from the Wall Street Journal by Sheila Bair

      “Corporate Debt Relief is an Economic Dud”

      The Federal Reserve bond buying program did not trickle down to mainstreet instead employees were laid off and the corporations used the money for stock buybacks, distribute dividends and for executive compensation. No strings attached to the bond buying program on how the corporations should use the money which was set up to help corporations maintain operations. now we know what ‘maintain operations’ really means in the corporate world.


  2. Remember when analysts were saying “The markets love grid lock in the Senate”.

    That one was a total BS narrative to try to explain the run up in stocks. Well, then why is the stock market still running up after the georgia senate results?

    Let’s see what BS narrative or distraction the analysts come up with next.

    • Remember when “higher yields would be bad for stocks”. Another BS risk narrative.

      The Fed is in control. Nothing else matters and is just a distraction from making sure people don’t march or break into the Fed.

  3. The Fed is in full control of the stock market and the analysts, billionaires and those controlling news and social media are playing their part by creating fake risk narratives to make it all seem like we’re playing in a fair and free capitalistic stock market.

    Our free market capitalistic system has ended.

  4. Thank you Sven.
    I guess the Fed is testing the laws of physics to see just how big they can make this bubble before it blows.

  5. Today’s news headline and narrative for the next two weeks will be “Trump’s removal”

    This is the news event that we’re supposed to latch on to and make it appear there are risks in the market for the next two weeks since the house and senate have no legislation to review during this time.

    The Fed has created a risk free market and nobody should care about these fake risk narratives.

  6. The Fed, politicians, media and the 1% have created a stock market bubble that only ends when someone brave sheds the light on their greed. This fake stock market collapses when such a person becomes the headline and narrative.

  7. Tom Lee is saying that there’s still lots of cash on the sidelines. In other words, the Fed is in control.

    Just replace any news headline or narrative (negative or positive) with the “The Fed is in control”.

  8. CNBC News headline “White House could add Alibaba to US Blacklist”

    who cares… Replace with “The Fed is in control of the stock market”

    • Alibaba is up today. hahaha

      Again, ignore all news stories and narratives. The only one that matters is the Fed Reserve bond buying program.
      Nothing else matters, nothing, not trump, not impeachment, not biden.

      Pay attention to narratives covering elite coup, 1%coup, federal reserve bond buying coup

      • $600 or $2000 stimulus checks is just a distraction for why stocks keep going up. These checks are not helping the economy or the reason for higher stock prices. This is a false narrative too.

        It’s the Fed and their bond buying program.

        Get your money out of stocks and your 401K.

      • all kinds of narratives are being used to pretend we are in a free market capitalistic stock market. We’re not. Cramer is pushing the narrative that we could get $2,000 stimulus checks which will help the stock market. Anther total bullshit narrative. All that matters is the Fed and the bond buying program. nothing else matters. Even cramer is trying to pretend the stimulus checks matter so that we don’t see or complain about what’s really driving the stock market – the Federal Reserve coup.

  9. Sven, this is one of your best narratives! The Idiots of Eccles continue to be clueless. The financial destruction they have created is unbelievable. When it implodes they will say they did not see it coming.

  10. Thank you Sven for all your hard work and sharing of your technical analysis. But let’s face it. It no longer works, thanks to the Fed.

    Unfortunately, only a catastrophic news event from/within the Federal Reserve will put an end to this stock market bubble.

    The best thing to do now is just sit back and watch how much higher it goes and how it collapses.

  11. The real coup was by the Federal Reserve. The Fed has taken control of the Stock Market. Everything else is a distraction. Yet nobody challenges the Federal Reserve.

  12. If a $460 million annual budget, and 2000 capital police (Bloomberg Stats) can not stop a few thousand “bottom 99%ers” from storming the capital, what makes the top 1% elites think that creating even more inequality is going to make the world a safer place?

    The Fed has zero empathy, which makes me ponder. I would not be surprised if the Fed is told what to do by some quantum super-computer A.I. program that is playing eleven dimension chest with future human existance for the next 10-20 years. At this point, we are all living in a gaming simulation with winners and losers chosen by happenstance and lucky speculation.

  13. The elites continue to distract everyone away from the coup by the Federal reserve. The elites have taken control of the presidency, Federal Reserve, congress, corporations, media, social media. Time to expose the 1%.

  14. As long as Congress fails to challenge the Fed, the Federal Reserve and 1%ers has seized power from Congress and the Presidency.

    • The elites are hiding behind the Federal Reserve and within the stock market. Every other hash tag is a distraction to avoid marchers from exposing and storming the Fed.

  15. What ever happened to Occupy Wallstreet? The elites and media spun the coverage into anarchism and it lost steam.

    We need a new organization like Occupy Federal Reserve and demand Powell to resign and that changes are made to the powers of the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Act and new oversight powers by an independent board.

  16. Someone needs tgo expose to main street all this inequailty based in printing more fake dollars for the US Socialist richs, and give their personal adresses…… are u listening Bernanke, Yellen & Powell….. most be hanged and burned alive all three

  17. But the Fed members are also the elites. They are all getting wealthier via their conflicts of interest. They own ETFs and other securities so they can increase their wealth by their actions that inflate the markets. This should be illegal, but I guess not. I am sure they will cash out before the implosion.

  18. The Fed God equation is simple:

    The Fed will simply need to create more inflation via printing money in order to prevent inflation from driving interest rates up. Genius plan Fed-mad-man, so perpetual money printing will be needed to create new inflation in order to stop the old inflation caused by previous money printing?!?!? So basically flood the damn in order to stop the damn from collapsing?

    “Inflation + Moor Inflation = Moorer Inflation on EVERTHING on Earth, except wages”

    Side effect may include uncontrollable inequality, sporatic anarchy, and erratic Fed-speak diarrhea

    Any questions?

  19. The schism in markets is as great as that in US politics. There are those who believe in lies and illusion, and those who believe in ‘reality’. This is evidenced in the comments here and almost everywhere.

    At the level of fundamental physics it seems that what we perceive as ‘reality’ is a kind of illusion projected onto a physical universe by an underlying quantum process, as yet still quite mysterious to us humans.

    What is reality? Does it really matter? What happens if it does, or doesn’t? Sages will nod wisely and and say it doesn’t – until it does. Stay tuned for the next troubling episode of The Hitchhikers Guide To Reality…

  20. In the US the people votes for a change every 4 years, and tthen after they saw been raped & robbed, and they vote for a new one.
    Only they dont know that the next onex are from the same group establishment people, only change the name, with no punishment for all the campaign lies.
    Now Biden??? Another establishment Rthshld guy….. ask it to Obama……..

  21. As they say, “Don’t fight the Fed”. I’ve learned this the hard way myself and believe me it’s a futile battle! However, when the Fed via monetary policy and governments around the world thru their fiscal policies, are willing to print their way out of a Global Great Depression I think extreme asset inflation is there only choice in their minds and is worth the cost. How they get there self out of this mkt. co-dependency is another story. So instead of swimming upstream and getting frustrated on how mkts have traditionally reacted, one should flip around and swim with the current . Because of all this and In my opinion, Bitcoin is in the Perfect Storm ……..writing is all over the wall! If there was ever a need for Bitcoin it is now.

  22. With inflation at 2% and interest rates at %, if you’re holding cash it’s a guaranteed loss. The Federal Reserve (aka: elite) wants you to use your cash to buy their stocks from them.
    Fight back by boycotting stocks.Stop buying and force the 1% to sell lower.

  23. I am sensing significant market jitteriness the last hour or so (now 18:45 GMT Jan 8th), could TSLA 884 have been its top? SPX currently 3792. Big hit on gold today, I’d like to see a drop to 1780 before buying, currently spot is 1837, down from over 1900 today, a significant weakness in bitcoin could make gold a screaming buy methinks.

  24. Finally, a brave soul stood up today against the fed and CNBC put it on TV just now. This is the narrative i’ve been waiting for.

    Sheila Bair is our hero.

    see her tweet today and her wsj article. @SheilaBair2013

    The cat is out of the bag.

    Thank you Sheila.

  25. Sven and all readers,

    please retweet Sheila Bair’s article from yesterday 1/7 (find tweet at @SheilaBair2013) regarding support for the fed reserve corporate debt program must die.

    Help her get this out to the 99%ers.

    Thank you.

  26. It’s almost over folks. Just get your affairs, accounts, home, possessions, weapons etc…all in order, stocked-up, locked, loaded and ready. The pendulum is swinging fast back to tyranny and oppression. Time is almost up. Protect yourself and your family. It will soon be every man for himself. Good luck & God Bless.

    • Hey Terry,

      Don’t be distracted by those narratives. Stay focused on the narrative that the elite via the Federal Reserve have completed a coup of our free market capitalistic society.

      Love thy neighbor.

  27. How the Federal Reserve is transferring wealth to the 1%?

    Corporations issue stock options and pay huge salaries to the top executives (1%ers) in the corporation.
    Corporations create a bond for billions of dollars.
    Federal Reserve buys the Corporations’ bonds.
    Corporations use money received from the bond to pay executive compensation, buyback company stock, distribute dividends and raise the price of the stock all of which benefits top executives (1%ers)
    Corporations lay off employees.


    • Now add the banks to this scheme. They’re buying back stock and laying people off and using federal reserve money to pay executive compensation and bonuses

  28. Stephen Weiss on CNBC is saying to stay long in the market. The new narrative (which he’s just parroting) is that corporations are going to deploy capital expenditures… aka more capital spend and less into buybacks which is going to help the economy and get GDP to 5%. and to stay invested in the market.

    This is another BS narrative. ignore it.

    It’s all about the Fed and their bond buying program. That’s all that matters.

  29. Sheila Bair@SheilaBair2013
    Government interventions, whether monetary or fiscal, should help our vulnerable populations. Corporate America is doing just fine. Let the Fed’s corporate debt facilities die. https://cnb.cx/2Xm3G34

    • Stock market bubble ends, if this narrative gains momentum.

      retweet to help Sheila get the message out.

      this is the only way to beat the 1%ers and the elite (democrat, republican and independent) in all parts of our society.

      This is only way to take back our country for ‘the people”

      • The Fed bond buying program is a corporate and elite bailout program.
        If you are still buying stocks or contributing money to your 401K then you are also complicit in bailing out the elite.

        • I called Fidelity where my 401K is held and i tried to take my money out and they would not let me transfer my money out. There are limitations on what I can transfer out per year. i can only transfer out a small portion and can only take the full amount out if i get fired or quit.

          Be careful.

  30. The Federal Reserve and Powell need to be stop immediately. People are marching and rioting in the streets for all the wrong reasons. Why? Because the elite have distracted everyone into thinking our problems are due to being democrat or republican, liberal, progressive or conservative.

    All to keep the people from seeing the Federal Reserve/Elite coup.

    Now all those elite and media that supported Trump (Trump did their bidding and bullied the Fed into lowering interest rates and more QE) want him impeached on monday. If Trump is impeached than Powell should be next.

    But the elite or media will not call for Powell’s resignation.

    That will have to be up to us…the 99%ers

    • Yes, we need to march against The Fed, next Biden & Yellen are coming, with the same circus show, and printing more and more without responsability

      • exactly, same elite but different name. Even Kamala Harris said recently on twitter that she wants to stand up for workers. If that’s true, then stop Powell and the Fed’s corporate bond buying program immediately.

        But they won’t. Again just another distraction away from the real truth. The Federal Reserve is how the rich maintain their riches and get richer.

  31. The news media and CNBC failed to mentioned that the CARES act did not include limitations on corporations from using the funds in buying back stocks. In fact is was a corporate bailout and allowed corporations to issue more debt and use it to pay executives and buy back stock and distribute dividends and layoff employees.
    #Stop the steal by the Fed

    • During the covid crash, CNBC was saying that Congress was going to write in limitations on corporations that received proceeds from the Fed’s bond buying program. But Congress did not. It was all BS. And CNBC did not cover it.

      Elite = Federal Reserve, President, Congress ( all politicians), Media, Corporations


  32. It’s been clear for several years the fed won’t be able to normalize central bank policy, the reality is there is not, nor will there be the political will to even take a couple steps in that direction.

    Any financial commentator who has not calculated this clearly into future forecasts is not really paying attention.

    Post Covid, All Central Banks are all in. Covid was actually Just what THEY NEEDED. It provided the political capital to have a global response of MOARRR …which the asset markets needed to keep from falling significantly. It was actually beneficial for the monetary authorities to have a in-organic crash because it shielded many from seeing the market instability that was building in 2019 from Fed Policy. A organic crash would have laid blame at their feet . This was a black swam ..we were doing ” so well”

    Anyways, This bull market resulting from Global Coordinated rising Asset policy ..at least for the next year or two.. is sort of going to be determined by the level of central bank response going forward (more than anything else) . DUH . People continually underestimate the length of time a Global coordinated central bank response focusing on asset price inflation…can last. Now with Dems in office ..i would argue the Fed can even be more aggressive given that fiscal policy will move more in lockstep… this is now being repriced into the market . I would add that a Democratic Senate (is barely so and a very razor thin margin means things won’t be passed soo easily)

    … Central banks are not going to be normalizing and even if they were to reach a inflation target of 2.5% or so in say a year or 18 months, where they could be boxed into being forced to Pause and signal potential normalization beginning… we would have a market incident soon after, something ideally that would seem like a black swan..so the fed doesn’t lose full market confidence that markets have gotten “away from them” but gives them the political capital to respond in a way that elevates financial assets and alleviates Corporate pain and asset losses that would show the insolvency of household balance sheets and some corporations.

    I can imagine a future where Central Banks are direct buyers of stocks (domestically) in order to stem market dislocations. I could see some issues down the line from Index based ETF’s under performing and seeing rising outflows (perhaps into innovative stocks/etf’s) or wherever.. and then selling momentum in those index etf’s leading to market instability. Yellen will be there to buy up and indexes after a bit of a scare.

  33. The reason we love these articles is without them we are all behind screens alone….such a rare chance to hear people’s views….please please can we have a few more ….especially given the response which is great to read…well done again Sven

  34. So……………..Pelosi’s laptop was stolen among other important classified stuff. Probably by design to fill in the remaining blanks and cross the T’s and dot the I’s for whats going to happen next week. We are seeing all the criminals and the traitors show their hands now. Brilliant moves Mr. President. You watch………….Trump will still be the President for 4 more years. This will be the sweep of the swamp as promised by Trump when he was first elected 4 years ago.

    • Terry,
      don’t be distracted by the Trump news. It’s all a distraction. The real truth is that the federal reserve and all central banks have taken control of our free market capitalistic country, even control of and power from the Presidency. So it doesn’t matter who the president is.

      The swamp is actually filled with the federal reserve, corporations, media, congress and all politicians. or you can just call them ‘the elite’.

      swamp = elite

      the swamp includes both democrats and republicans but what they have in common is that they are the 1%ers.

      ‘We the people’ (democrats and republicans 99%ers) are all on the same side). But the media distracts us into thinking we have a beef with each other but we don’t. It’s just a distraction away from the real steal, which is the Fed steal (elite coup). The media is using an old war strategy which is to ‘divide and conquer’. Don’t fall for it.


      • Terry,

        time to modify those catch phrases that were just a distraction to the following:


  35. Do you work for a public company whose bonds were bought by the Federal Reserve corporate bond buying program? Does you company buyback stock and issued dividends? If your corporation did not offer you stock options or other forms of equity based compensation (like RSU’s) than you are being scammed by the Federal Reserve and the elite. This practice by the Fed and corporations is directly contributing to the wealth gap and wealth inequality because you did not benefit from the increase in the stock price. Only those that have stock options (the 1%ers) benefitted. The worst part is that corporations are laying workers off but still buying back stock, issuing dividends and paying executive pay and bonuses with the money from the Fed.


  36. Americans are the new “Indians” buying trinkets from China with Fed stimulus money so the China “Cowboys” control us someday (Deja Vu?) Learn Mandarin, as the Fed is in bed with China at the tune of a new record $1 trillion trade deficit for 2021 ($75 Billion for November 2020, a single month!!!). How is the Fed not a American security risk? Once our Fed destroys our currency, then China can become the world’s reserve currency and start censoring American freedoms? Perhaps our leaders should audit the cash accounts of Jeremy Powell as he destroys the American economy in the name of higher inflation and ulitmate USD currency collapse, and for what exactly do the bottom 99% get in exchange besides China made trinkets?

    • I agree congress needs to stop Powell. He and the fed members have taken control of our country and ruined the dollar. Congress is in cahoots. It’s a complete conflict of interest that Powell gets to give money to the corporations that he’s investing in via his stock portfolio. Powell needs to be stopped.

  37. The Fed has no control over the stock market. Expect the crash of all lifetimes when this shirtless market wearing only a wooly hat and horns like a bull on acid suddenly recovers from its stupor and realises the Fed is simply a lot of hot air, just like the charlatan president about to be run out of town that also led it by the nose. Sentiment could reverse just as quickly and as dramatically once the lie becomes obvious.

  38. “Fun With Civics” explains how our glorious kleptocracy works.  Cut through the “Happy Horseshit” and have a laugh.  Two minutes long.  Check it out and share widely:

    • Again another distraction. No mention of the Federal Reserve and it’s QE policy and corporate bond buying program.

      The fed buys mortgage back securities. Who loans and bundles those securities – the Banks. Who is now authorized by the Fed to begin buying back their stocks – the Banks. When the stock price goes up who is benefitting from those increases – the 1%ers who get stop options. If you work at a bank and are not getting stock options you are getting screwed and left behind.


  39. Jeff Gundlach on CNBC today and said “the trend is your friend’

    do not use your cash to buy stocks or put any more money into your 401k. by doing so you are transferring you money to the elite who will be selling their stock.


  40. See tweet below – The Fed is admitting that their QE and corporate bond buying program is controlling the market and only helps wallstreet. The 99%ers are getting screwed.


    Robert Burgess
    @BobOnMarkets· 16m
    Fed officials start hinting about scaling back bond purchases. They’re looking at you, Bitcoin and Tesla https://bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-01-11/fed-s-taper-talk-directed-at-bitcoin-and-tesla… via @bopinion

    • I think the Fed saw Sheila Bair’s tweet. The Fed got exposed. The cat is out of the bag.


      Help sheila get the message. Forward tweet.

      Sheila Bair
      Jan 8
      Government interventions, whether monetary or fiscal, should help our vulnerable populations. Corporate America is doing just fine. Let the Fed’s corporate debt facilities die. https://cnb.cx/2Xm3G34

  41. FOX News/Hannity saying tonight that the big tech companies have too much wealth and power. But he’s putting the blame on democrats which is just a distraction from the real truth.

    The truth is that the Federal Reserve buys Apple bonds and other big tech corporate bonds allowing big tech to continue to grab more wealth and power.

    Instead of blaming the democrats and liberals, blame the 1%ers (which is made up of both republicans and democrats) and the Federal Reserve, Media and Congress which are transferring wealth and power from you to big tech and leaving the 99%ers behind.

    FOX NEWS and CNN need to start blaming the Fed but they won’t since the 1% are in the media as well.

    It’s up to us the 99%ers to stop buying stocks, stop contributing to our 401Ks and hold on to whatever cash you have left.

    Time to take cash out of the bank.


  42. Why are only Sheila Bair, Greg Manarino, and Sven Henrich the only ones talking about the Fed responsibility in creating this bubble, creating inequality and the Federal Reserve steal.

    Why isn’t anyone else covering this?


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