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So the Fed croaked. No surprise as they have signaled it all year, but perhaps the extent of the capitulation is surprising.  How scared are they? No rate hikes in 2019, one rate hike in 2020 and markets don’t believe a word of it as they are now pricing in a 47% probability for a rate cut into January.

That’s recessionary fear action, far from the optimism of just a few months ago. You know my view on all this:

And boy have they goosed markets.

How massive has this rally been?

Well, it’s created one of the largest weekly MACD histogram deviations to the upside ever.
In fact the only precedence I have for this is 1999. And what index was jammed to the max in 1999? You guessed it, the good old $NDX.

Now granted we were deeply oversold in December, but holy cow, how vertical is this?

Totally maxed reading. With negative divergences.

And this is where the Fed goes full dovish? Something’s off.

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