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Trading The Big Call

What if you had access to the perfect big market call? The one that says where the market is going in the future, not for a small move, but a big move?

You’d position for it of course and you’d wait until the price target is met and laugh yourself silly all the way to the bank. Simple enough right? That’s the big concept behind swing trading. But it requires a skill I’m still trying to master: Patience.

I’m more of the active kind, looking for the in between set-ups on my private feed and Mella is the swing chartist looking for the big set-ups on her feed and she just did it again and produced another one of her monster big swing calls.

And I’m kicking myself a bit here because I made one crucial mistake in October: I didn’t hold a swing all the way down. The noise of the in between got to me, which is fine because there have been lots of opportunities with the in-between action, but man, I sure would’ve liked to have held that swing position to target.

Check this out, just monster.

Here’s Mella in September with her roadmap for $SPX:

This was a huge call and it said to start positioning for a sell into strength.

Then on the day the $DJIA made its all time high and everybody was screaming bullish she came out with this:

Now look at them:

It’s the kind of call that makes years of performance. It’s the kind of call that protects long term investors. It’s the kind of call that makes fortunes for traders. It’s priceless.

And it’s the kind of call I’ve seen Mella produce time and time again and many of you may remember as well when she was still on public twitter calling for the move higher and then lower:


The big takeaway for me: When Mella puts out a big swing call ALWAYS have a swing on and don’t touch it until she’s satisfied that the move is largely complete. Trade the in between all you wish, but DON’T TOUCH THE SWING!

Lesson learned.

November 1, 2018 Updated charts:

Just wow.

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Authored by: Sven Henrich

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