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tc1Announcement: Sharing is caring. That has always been our motivating force in helping traders navigate through challenging markets.

For almost a year I freely shared literally several thousand charts in our technical chart segment. The response and feedback was tremendous as evidenced by the positive feedback I received from many traders and the thousands of people visiting the site each day generating over 1 million visits just to the technical chart section of the site:


That’s the good news. The bad news: While I am very appreciative of the response, I’ve also come to realize that too much sharing can be too much of a good thing for the following reasons:

1. It’s not fair to our paying members. While they see so many additional charts & content frankly both Mella and I have put out way too many great set-ups in public which brings me to the next point:
2. The jinx factor. It’s all fun and giggles when a few people get to see the same technical patterns, but when all of a sudden thousands of people ( in some cases tens of thousands) stare at the same thing experience shows the patterns tend to invalidate themselves when too many people position for them. When I had a a couple of thousand followers on twitter it probably never mattered, but now that my twitter following has grown to over 30,000 people one could argue that critical mass has become a factor.
3. Last but not least, more and more of the charts were frankly getting ripped off and the work being passed off by some people as their own. It’s unfortunate, but hey, it’s the internet.

Bottomline: It’s a tough balance to strike between wanting to provide access, but also not to want to degrade the work or to be unfair toward paying members.

As a result, I’ve decided to pull the plug on the public technical chart segment effective June 1, 2016 for the reasons mentioned above.

While this may come as a disappointment to many of you I think it’s fair to say I’ve been more than generous, probably far more than anybody else, with free public charts and analysis over the past few years. I will, however, aim to still share the occasional large picture/macro analysis in the Market Analysis segment.

For those still interested in technical charting the Daily Market Brief is available for subscription. For details please visit: Daily Market Brief.

All previous public technical charts are archived here.


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  1. Nice work, thanks. I saw my Monday and Tuesday closing pivot point charts clueing me in that Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets appeared to favor a Fed rate hike … if only to get the first one done and out of the way. I agree with what Fed Yellen was saying. I think the Fed doesn’t want the markets striving to bake in the next increase before its time. More homework to do. Thanks again …

  2. Your Charts are Great Thank You ,They help me to see the big picture above all the noise. Have a Geat Holiday, Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year

    • 3-17-16 Charts are great. What I’m reading from the SPX Chart now is extreme overbought condition the vix is in low zone under 15 and greed is at the extreme high level. If your long time to go sell or go Short the SPX/SPY. I expect a pull back to start soon and yes I think it has been a bear market rally up from the February lows. The February low was a lower low Lower lows and lower highs. The SPX level at just under 2050 has major overhead resistance I was a buyer when the SPX was at the february lows now I’m a seller and now short the SPX/SPY. Prepared for the ride back down soon , buckle up. Perhaps the sell in may and go away will be early this year.

      • Greed is now at extreme high level and Fear is low and VIX is low $NYSI in extreme O/B level.Time to go folks.A short term pull back is in the cards the rollar coaster stock market to start down and that will be a pause to refresh or the pull back will turn into a retest of the february lows again to see if they hold or make a higher low,before next move higher from a lower level.Its happened before it will happen again. Or it just keeps going higher into new high territory for unknown reasons to even a more extreme short term overbought condition and that I don,t expect will take place .

      • 3/31/2016 Stock market still overbought and has not rolled over to the down side. SPX still pushing higher with out any meaning pull pull backs along the way. Its trying to make it to 2100 and or a new high before it rolls over. I didn’t expect this move up. As if we are in a Global bull market and earnings and rev are good and the future looks bright in the financial markets here at home and globally.

      • 4/22/2016 So who are they that are holding up the stock market when it should be pulling back from this very overbought condition. Some at this level calling for new highs and few calling for a pull back. Did I miss something as for the reason of such a move? Or could it perhaps just political and the Feds have been ordered to hold it up in a election year?. Will the sell in May crowd show up this year or not? Where will you be when the Levee breaks?

  3. “The disconnect continues and the cross is coming. But so is a tag:”…huh? Translation please, thank you.

  4. Thanks to you and mella for all your charts and hard work. Very worthwhile!

  5. I guess the magic of OPEX week is just regular monthly MBS purchasings. This month it was March 14-22.

  6. Seems to me the bulls are attempting to make a new high in the S&P 500 in this move up before it rolls over to the down side again. Will they take it to new highs or will the attempt fail? We shall soon see. The market is now even more over bought now than I mentioned before. The reasons for this rally is not do to S&P 500 companies forecast for good earnings and revenues in the next quarter. So why the rally? Yellen said something dovish? The Fed speaks and the market listens ? Is that all there is ? Is that all there is? Is that all there is my friends then lets keep dancing break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all, there is.

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