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Weekend Charts: The Great Void

I feel compelled to keep documenting reality to raise awareness of the ever larger market dangers which keep lurking underneath the current bubble. Indeed I keep seeing a great void not only in awareness but also in price discovery that have propelled markets to current levels leaving investors and participants ever more lulled into a… Read More ›


Fake Out

Right at the time when markets were making new highs recently I mused whether this rally was based on hot air. I wanted to follow-up on this assessment in light of the recent small pullback and provide an update on some of the technical signals. The bottom line: The technical evidence appears to build on the “hot… Read More ›

High Risk

There are 3 certainties in life: 1. Death 2. Taxes and 3. Being called an idiot for being cautious during a stock mania. The aura of inevitability has taken hold again a mere 3 and a half weeks after a sizable 10% correction in US stock markets and indeed complacency is back in control as the $VIX… Read More ›

“Im Dead”

“I’m dead”. I distinctly remember this to be my last thought at time of impact yesterday. I had no time to react. None. The car came around the corner as I was riding my bike downhill at about 25 miles an hour. The driver later said she drove about 20-25 mph as well. Neither one of… Read More ›

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