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Fool’s Gold

As markets have reached my upper market risk price zone (see also: Playing with Fire & The Final Wave) I wanted to share some larger structural observations with readers. Note the backdrop of volatility at record lows, markets seemingly rising every day and people being bullish as dips no longer exist. All this fits in with a… Read More ›

Market Bull

Just before the US election I wrote an article musing about this bull market being a myth and promptly markets dropped lock limit down on the night of the election below November 2014 highs. It seemed my supposition was right on the money, but then, as we all know, markets raced to new highs following the election. Was my… Read More ›


Below is a video outlining some key technical disconnects we’re observing in this market at this time. As retail money is flowing in long in the current market the charts outlined in the segment below may be of interest to anyone whether bullish or bearish. To view the video/chart in larger screen please click on “youtube” at… Read More ›

2017 Market Outlook

Welcome to 2017. According to Wall Street it will be a fairly straightforward affair of a continued bull market with little corrective risk along the way. They may be correct of course as artificial liquidity by global central banks continues to flow at record levels and the incoming Trump administration has promised more free money… Read More ›

Empty Promises

Markets have been on a tear since election night. The principle reason: The perceived notion of another set of stimulus packages hitting markets during the next presidency. Specifically the notions of corporate tax cuts and increased infrastructure and military spending have sent financial and industrial stocks flying higher resulting in new highs on many indices…. Read More ›

America’s Dirty Little Secret

Disclaimer: I’m a market and technical analyst and not a political analyst. However, given how poorly political analysts have faired in 2016, most notably getting both Brexit and the US election completely wrong, I’ll give you my perspective on the US election, especially as it pertains to markets and the macro environment. And before I… Read More ›

Protected: The End of the Bull Market

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Protected: Q3 Video Update

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