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Tax Cuts Now, Consequences Later

Look, who doesn’t like tax cuts? You get more money in your pocket and you spend more, that’s the premise after all. So it all sounds good on paper, especially when there’s not a detailed discussion of any downsides or risk, or consequences. And that fact in itself has me suspicious and should make you… Read More ›

World War III

You can’t see the bombs, you can’t see the casualties, and you can’t see the headlines, but World War III is already in full progress.  And no, I’m not talking North Korea, Iran, or Syria or any other countries with minuscule military budgets in comparison to the US that are often hyped to be a… Read More ›

Lemon Sale

Are consumers getting themselves into trouble by buying expensive new cars at perhaps the worst moment in history? Are they buying the lemons of the future? I do have to wonder. Consider the following trends. Like with everything else, such as credit cards, mortgages, and student loans, consumers have been piling into ever more debt… Read More ›

Empty Promises

Markets have been on a tear since election night. The principle reason: The perceived notion of another set of stimulus packages hitting markets during the next presidency. Specifically the notions of corporate tax cuts and increased infrastructure and military spending have sent financial and industrial stocks flying higher resulting in new highs on many indices…. Read More ›

Macro Charts

I post macro charts I find of interest to my public twitter feed when I can, but after a while these become hard to find, hence below please find an accumulation of recent charts in no particular order. I’ll leave the reader to draw their own conclusions based on the evolving data, suffice to say… Read More ›

The Big Bad Bear Case

My aim with this article is to outline, with facts, large global structural issues that I believe everyone, bulls and bears alike, should be fully aware of. While some of this discussion may rattle the cage a bit you will hopefully find this article well researched and informative. Recently I’ve outlined why we switched our… Read More ›

The Greek Butterfly Effect

Many times nothing happens for a long time. Then all of a sudden everything happens at once. Like a dam break. It builds slowly and then it bursts. Example: Who would have ever thought the Confederate flag would be taken down across the South during the same week that a rainbow flag is symbolically hoisted across… Read More ›

Cliff Climbing

Yesterday I pointed out key trend line resistance in the $SPX with more room to run higher, but running into a wall of confluence near 2010-2020. As the $SPX now moves higher every single day with down days a thing of the past it may be time to also have a look at what buying up… Read More ›

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