Big Market Calls

Big Market Calls by Sven Henrich

The biggest money makers on either the short or long side are the big trading calls. Often they get lost in the daily noise of news and events as often they take time and patience to develop, although in times of high volatility the results can come about more quickly.

What are big market calls? System Setups that produce large swing directions, not of 1% or 2%, but pack a punch far greater than that. 5% to 10% or more. In short: Large directional moves of the highest value for investors and funds. If only known ahead of time.

Can these large moves be known ahead of time? The results of our technical work proves: Yes.

See for yourself. Below we link to examples of big market calls made publicly.

$NDX Long

$DAX short

$ES long

$SPX short

$AMZN long

$NDX long

$SPX short

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