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August  29, 2017

$DAX has broken its 200MA and a trend line in context of a larger rounding topping pattern. Unless the 200MA can be saved in short order $DAX is risking a correction the size of the topping pattern, or about 1,000 points, i.e. 10,900. Note there is a fib level there as well as an open gap below that.

August  22, 2017

$DAX continues to struggle following its bounce off of the daily 200MA. It remains its daily 50 & 100MAs (which have crossed over) and is now at risk of forming a topping pattern, a break of which could invite a correction into the lower trend line.

Mario Draghi keeps emphasizing continued monetary expansion, but he’s running out of bonds to buy. This week’s Jackson Hole speech may serve as trigger, although his self admitted directive of not upsetting markets will be foremost on his mind no doubt.

$DAX is below 2015 highs and needs to break above them soon or risk having made a major top on a negative divergence. Currently the weekly RSI is middle of the road and requires a trigger for the next directional move:

August  1, 2017

For July month end I posted some monthly charts for $SPX, $DJIA, $RUT, $FAW, $XLF & $DAX. I can’t discuss them in detail here in the public chart section, but the charts actually send an aggregate message and you can find them linked in the Charts section. My latest public analysis can be found here: Welcome to the Danger Zone.

July 27, 2017

$DAX is weakening as the recent bounce near gap fill has not managed to get back above the previous fib level. This area is now resistance. $DAX has also fallen below the March 2015 highs. Given the negative divergence pointed out previously $DAX needs to avoid new lows, otherwise a fall below recent lows sets up for a move toward the .382 fib and 200MA:

July 24, 2017

$DAX has broken the neckline and its flirting with complete closing the gap. The 50MA is now declining and will threaten to cross over its 100MA in the weeks to come. $DAX needs to cross these MAs or face a larger corrective as outlined last week. This negative action is consistent with the negative monthly divergence pointed out at the beginning of July (see previous).

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July 21, 2017

The Euro rose the DAX sank and is now back at support. In the olden days, before constant central bank intervention, this would have been called a topping pattern and the height of the pattern suggests downside far below the open gap. If $DAX breaks below the support line a bounce at or near gap fill is to be expected. That if there’s not another magic “save” at or near the support line:

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