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Careful What you Wish For

October 17, 2017

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Central bankers keep citing the lack of core inflation as their primary excuse for not normalizing rates and for keeping the button on the QE program. Almost $2 trillion for the ECB so far this year and no commitment to stop anytime soon. Taper?… Read More ›

Waving White Flags

What if bears have been right all along? This has been my premise obviously looking at the big picture through a structural lens analyzing the math, demographics, debt, cycles, etc. What if the unprecedented ongoing efforts by central banks are simply a reflection of the desperate effort to try to avoid the reconciliation with reality?… Read More ›

The Free Money Illusion

Since 2008 central banks have intervened in global financial markets in one form or another, primarily via low/zero/negative interest rates, but also with various, repetitive and ongoing quantitative easing programs. It’s 2017 and they haven’t stopped. Nothing new there, but still it is worth to factually document the extent of the financial distortion that permeates financial… Read More ›

Fool’s Gold

As markets have reached my upper market risk price zone (see also: Playing with Fire & The Final Wave) I wanted to share some larger structural observations with readers. Note the backdrop of volatility at record lows, markets seemingly rising every day and people being bullish as dips no longer exist. All this fits in with a… Read More ›

World War III

You can’t see the bombs, you can’t see the casualties, and you can’t see the headlines, but World War III is already in full progress.  And no, I’m not talking North Korea, Iran, or Syria or any other countries with minuscule military budgets in comparison to the US that are often hyped to be a… Read More ›

The Ghosts of Time

Emma Morano died yesterday. Over 7.5 billion people currently alive on this planet didn’t know her at all. At the end she was a historical curiosity as she was the last remaining person known to have been born in the 1800’s. A stark reminder that time knows no mercy. All our time is limited and each… Read More ›


American voters got suckered again. Whether they voted for Republicans or Democrats. Doesn’t matter. The result is the same as it always is. Right after the election in “America’s Dirty Little Secret” I concluded: “And perhaps this is America’s real dirty little secret: The establishment always wins no matter who is president.” Consider both political blocks of… Read More ›

The Ungovernable Country

America is drowning in political bullshit and drama and it’s tearing the country apart, indeed it’s rendering the country ungovernable, serving to transfer the country’s assets from the many to the few. Don’t feign surprise now, it’s been a long time coming. And don’t cry outrage over Donald Trump, he’s merely the messenger riding the wave for his own purposes. Look at what… Read More ›

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