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Riddle me this

December 13, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good riddle? Riddles can be fun and a good brain exercise for the entire family. How about a riddle for the global village we’re in? I have a riddle and I am certainly curious as to what the answer is. So riddle me this: When real wage growth & real disposable… Read More ›


Calorie Panic

Well it’s too late now. Thanksgiving is over and hopefully it was a splendid time well spent with family. And, if you’re like most Americans: Time spent eating. Lots of time eating. Myself I could never say no to the sweet potatoes. Some more gravy? Pass on the rolls. Hey don’t keep them all to… Read More ›

Tax Cut Scam

I can’t help shake this sinking feeling: This tax cut package that is being peddled by the current administration is a scam. Why? Because the entire narrative is dishonest and predicated on false, make belief premises. Rich guys giving themselves tax cuts telling you it’ll trickle down & economic growth will be nothing but milk… Read More ›

Liquidity Wave

Put this in the category of trying to keep things real: Congrats. Mission accomplished. As of last night we’re in the market period with the longest time period without even a 3% pullback. 242 days. And I presume it’s continuing today. Next on the watch list: The number of days without a 5% pullback: For reference:… Read More ›

Bear Notes

Big market turning points are wicked. Bottoms are events, tops are processes. If you’d try to buy the S&P in January and February of 2009 you got spanked hard as the S&P still dropped from 942 to 666. And many of you will remember this time. Was it the right thing to do ultimately? Were… Read More ›

Careful What you Wish For

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Central bankers keep citing the lack of core inflation as their primary excuse for not normalizing rates and for keeping the button on the QE program. Almost $2 trillion for the ECB so far this year and no commitment to stop anytime soon. Taper?… Read More ›

Waving White Flags

What if bears have been right all along? This has been my premise obviously looking at the big picture through a structural lens analyzing the math, demographics, debt, cycles, etc. What if the unprecedented ongoing efforts by central banks are simply a reflection of the desperate effort to try to avoid the reconciliation with reality?… Read More ›

The Free Money Illusion

Since 2008 central banks have intervened in global financial markets in one form or another, primarily via low/zero/negative interest rates, but also with various, repetitive and ongoing quantitative easing programs. It’s 2017 and they haven’t stopped. Nothing new there, but still it is worth to factually document the extent of the financial distortion that permeates financial… Read More ›

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