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Another overnight coronavirus related scare as China had to greatly up its estimates of the infected, yet no worries, the market remains as much on autopilot as the Fed remains in denial […]


Every once in a while the truth shines through and we got a few doses of it today. Recently critics who suggested that the Fed’s QE policies artificially elevate asset prices were […]

Game Over?

Is there any political risk for equities in this election year? The 2016 US election has been a nirvana for US corporations who benefited the tremendously from the Republican led 2017 tax […]

The Unseen

Yesterday Mohamed El-Erian advised investors not to buy the dip this time. What do they do? Jam fully into markets again. The addicts can’t be stopped. And so the market follows the […]


Containment indeed. The PBOC went into full intervention mode last night trying to minimize the market damage that had been building in futures for the week that Chinese markets were closed. Rate […]