Category: Market Analysis

A Bullish Chart

Carnage in markets today as the previous October lows are being retested and new lows at key levels may well be in the offing as discussed in the Weekly Market Update. But […]


The Breakdown

Below is an excerpt from today’s client Daily Market Brief. Given recent market volatility we thought it might be helpful to share some perspective publicly. Begin Excerpt:  I don’t want to overwhelm […]

Chart Storm

Who’s ready for a chart storm? In early September I outlined in Lying Highs that many sectors are either not confirming new highs or are not making new highs. Has anything changed? Let’s […]

Peak Tech?

Big earnings reports this past week with some notable stock reactions, especially in technology. Recently, ahead of earnings, I issued a technical alert regarding the tech sector. Below please find a video […]

Bull Rebuttal

All fear has left markets again as markets have rallied steadily into early June. $VIX has printed an 11 handle again, tech and small caps are making new highs. Optimism is back in […]

Chop Zone

Some general chart observations for this Memorial Day weekend: Welcome to the chop zone, the place where the conviction of both bulls and bears get tested as markets relentlessly ping pong in […]