Category: Market Analysis

What If

What if bears were right all along? What if it’s not different this time? What if this Fed liquidity inspired rally produced precisely the kind of exuberant final thrust we often see at […]


Like the mini Iran crisis earlier in the month the coronavirus is already ignored as markets are once again rallying hard today and in process are crushing all volatility. Gap, ramp and […]

Trend Breaks

It’s that time of the year again when another exuberant rally gets too cocky, produces massive overbought readings as everybody is trampling long into stocks, is ignoring all the warning signs and […]


And then it happened. Rejection. And with rejection come technical consequences. Perhaps the start of the first correction of 2020, the first correction since the Fed went wild on the intervention front […]

80’s Party

First they think you’re crazy and then they’ll join you. On January 14th I outlined a rather obvious appearing correlation between the Fed’s repo operations and the market’s behavior: Every day, no […]


Does a liquidity driven momentum market that seemingly does not care about valuations, risk, open gaps and technical extensions face any resistance at all? Are there technical limits for a market that goes […]

Market of the Gaps

The bubble keeps on bubbling, the never ending rally keeps on rallying and the charts keep getting ever more dangerously stretched. Intra-day price discovery is virtually absent as volatility remains woefully compressed […]