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NDX check

Over the weekend more stimulus chatter from the Chinese and voila the post holiday market losses in China were erased no matter how severe the impacts on the Chinese economy may be. […]

VIX Check

Time to check in on the good old $VIX. Crushed again on Friday following another week of meaningless chop during trading hours. The broader price ranges continue to be printed in overnight […]


We’ve talked about the year 2000 comparison (Party like it’s 1999). In 2020 markets went onto a similar structural tear just having rammed relentlessly higher. In 2000 markets famously topped in March […]


Once again they took all the pain away. What looked like the beginning of a larger market correction, amid renewed reductions in global growth outlooks, was again aborted in its tracks by […]

Uh Oh?

In context of the week’s market gains Friday’s decline was minor, but context may matter. While bears again got the rug pulled from under them as markets got a new dousing of […]


New highs again for tech as $NDX keeps relentlessly crawling higher, now 16.2% extended above its 200MA. As outlined yesterday’s it’s a key warning signal. This latest rally has produced another warning […]