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Tax Cuts Now, Consequences Later

Look, who doesn’t like tax cuts? You get more money in your pocket and you spend more, that’s the premise after all. So it all sounds good on paper, especially when there’s not a detailed discussion of any downsides or risk, or consequences. And that fact in itself has me suspicious and should make you… Read More ›


Lemon Sale

Are consumers getting themselves into trouble by buying expensive new cars at perhaps the worst moment in history? Are they buying the lemons of the future? I do have to wonder. Consider the following trends. Like with everything else, such as credit cards, mortgages, and student loans, consumers have been piling into ever more debt… Read More ›

April Macro Charts

From our perspective we remain in a late market cycle setting up for the next recession. We’re collecting macro data charts highlighting potential signs of a coming macro turn. Here’s the collection of some of the data points collected so far in April. For other public analysis please see The Marco Corner, Market Analysis and… Read More ›

The Riddle

Who’s up for solving a riddle? It goes like this: The gap between soft and hard data is at a record: Yet the Fed shows a huge jump in economic uncertainty: What’s the answer to this riddle? Before you answer, check credit flow: and perhaps auto sales: Yet auto loans are at all time highs:… Read More ›

March Macro Charts

Below’s a list of data points I’ve been finding of interest as they are counter to the “optimism” reflected in fund flows & market sentiments currently reflected in high stock prices. Most people look at numbers in absolute terms which is fine, but can also be deceiving. I like to look at things in terms of… Read More ›

Empty Promises

Markets have been on a tear since election night. The principle reason: The perceived notion of another set of stimulus packages hitting markets during the next presidency. Specifically the notions of corporate tax cuts and increased infrastructure and military spending have sent financial and industrial stocks flying higher resulting in new highs on many indices…. Read More ›

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