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April 25, 2017

Nasdaq and $RUT making new all time human history highs, $SPX just a few handles below. $VIX down to 10.4-10.5 with another stunning volatility compression. Markets love elections apparently as every election on the planet gets bought no matter the outcome. The only missing element? Equal weight. Just doesn’t like this rally: Markets don’t care for… Read More ›

$FTSE: Key Time

The FTSE is dropping hard today on the news of surprise new elections coming in June. The timing is interesting. Earlier this year $FTSE made new all time highs. Remember when Brexit was supposedly bad? Central bank intervention by the BOE aside this remains an open debate. What is not a debate is that the highs recently… Read More ›

$GS: Goldman Sachs

The other day I mentioned financials needing a rally. Obviously Goldman Sachs is a big part of the group and the chart looks like dearth frankly. Year to date the stock is down 5.5% as we speak and is in the midst of a topping pattern while breaking a bear flag to the downside last week…. Read More ›

$SPX Weekly Chart

Back in early March I posted a weekly $SPX chart on twitter that highlighted a weekly rejection candle. The point of the chart was to show that these weekly rejection candles can be of consequences suggesting sizable retraces to come: Fyi: Weekly rejection candles don’t need to be red in uptrends or particularly large, but… Read More ›

Global Performance Tracking

The market headlines in 2017 have been dominated by record highs in key indices such as the $DJIA, the $NDX and the $SPX. The great bull market, the fantastic optimism, the new era of investing. You can’t miss out, ever higher prices are coming. Voices, such as myself, who express skepticism are rare and in… Read More ›

$XLF: Financials Need a Rally

Financials were one of the sectors that benefitted the most from the post Trump election rally. After all the promises of tax cuts, infrastructure spending, a growing economy with yields rising, and coming deregulation all made for a powerful story. So far the story has been just that as policy uncertainty appears to be growing… Read More ›

$DJIA Magic

Who doesn’t like magic? In this case the ever reliable “save the 50 day moving average on every close” program that keeps the $DJIA out of trouble. Today the $DJIA got closest to closing below it for the first time in 2017, but the magic never seizes to amaze: But then it doesn’t surprise either:… Read More ›

$VIX: First Time Long Time

It finally happened. For the first time in 2017 the $VIX closed above its 200 day moving average and showed relative strength all day even during the several buying ramps today. As I outlined recently in  “Beast Mode” and in “The Final Wave”  I’ve been looking for a $VIX move above the 200MA on a closing basis… Read More ›

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