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Sven Henrich

Sven Henrich is founder and the lead market strategist for NorthmanTrader. He has been a frequent contributor to CNBC, CNN Business and MarketWatch and is well known for his diligent technical, directional and macro analysis of global equity markets.
He publishes the Daily Market Brief keeping investors and traders abreast of the latest market critical developments and outlook.


We’re all frogs getting our perception of reality boiled in the pot of price perversion central banks have unleashed on the world. A tragicomedy of epic proportions continues to unfold in front […]

NDX check

Over the weekend more stimulus chatter from the Chinese and voila the post holiday market losses in China were erased no matter how severe the impacts on the Chinese economy may be. […]

VIX Check

Time to check in on the good old $VIX. Crushed again on Friday following another week of meaningless chop during trading hours. The broader price ranges continue to be printed in overnight […]