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Welcome to NorthmanTrader a subsidiary of Capital Traders Ltd. Our mission is to provide best in class market analysis incorporating both macro views and technical analysis to derive a favorable risk/reward trade direction for our subscribers. We are independent and our analysis is unbiased and not influenced by assets under management or monthly inflow considerations. In other words: We have no conflicts of interest and we call it as we see it.

Our clients include hedge funds, institutional investors, market analysts and private investors/traders who find our analysis of value in either helping inform their own trade direction and outlook, or as a well thought through counterpoint to test their own market view.

mediaOur market analysis and commentary gets picked up by major media outlets such as MarketWatch, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal,  Bloomberg, Zerohedge and our founder has been featured on CNBC as a “widely followed market watcher”.

As such we have been featured on MarketWatch as key “twitter accounts stock investors need to follow“.

Our team:

Sven Henrich is a former international business executive with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an M.B.A. and has spent over 20 years in the corporate world as an executive in international corporate development and operations management before discovering the joys and challenges of trading. He has a passion for macro and technical analysis and a unique ability to delineate complex information and communicate them effectively and clearly to his clients. Sven has written for MarketWatch and has made multiple appearances on CNBC.

Mella2Mella is a top tier technical chartist that Sven met by chance via twitter a few years ago, fell in love with and ended up marrying!

Mella has been a full time trader for over 10 years. Born in Brighton, East Sussex to Greek parents Mella had entrepreneurship and business skills ingrained in her psyche managing several subsidiaries of her father’s diversified business holdings. Mella arrived to trading managing her own investments following a fascinatingly diverse career path which included: A stint on Fleet Street, managing bars, hotels and her own property developments and even producing chart hitting UK based music pop acts.

As an ardent bull on the market she is also not shy shorting the market when her analysis shows downside is coming, yet the precision of her market bottom calls are uncanny driven in particular by her ability to read the $VIX.  “My gift is the eye” she says “most fear the Vix, I love it”.

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The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only, as of the date hereof, and is subject to change without notice and does not constitute investment advice.
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