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Straight Talk #13

Good news, bad news and great news.

First the good news: The three amigos are back together again, please see the latest edition of Straight Talk below as Guy Adami, Dan Nathan and I are discussing the prospects of the latest stimulus package, the latest in markets including technicals and underlying internals, the control of price, liquidity vs valuations, the prospect of new highs and/or the potential of a double top, and Gold among other topics:

The bad news: No technical charts and no technical market video this week as our family got some GREAT news this weekend and this is actually a really cool story in the end.

As you know millions of people got displaced and lives were disrupted for many and our family was no exception. Earlier this year our teenage son took a trip to Africa to spend some time with his Dad. He was originally to return in April and of course ran right into the global lockdown. Many countries handled it differently  and return flights became virtually impossible to come by. We tried to get him home via Virgin his original carrier, then when Virgin fell apart altogether we tried a repatriation flight which fell through as well, then we tried other carriers such as British Airways, but they too kept canceling booking after booking as Nigeria shut down its airspace. The weeks turned into months it became an ever more difficult and frustrating experience and our options suddenly dwindled to nothing with no prospect of resolution as the airspace remains shut with zero visibility when it would open again.

What would you do to get your kid back? Move mountains right? I mean, hell, I was starting to consider harebrained options such as actually driving from England via Spain, Gibraltar and Algeria through the Sahara to get him back or take a shipping route, I know stupid, but I mean what are the options without air travel? And none seemed sensible or safe of course.

What changed everything was me simply outlining our struggle to our clients in one of the Daily Briefs, not to ask for help, but just to share what we were dealing with and to our shock, surprise and amazement we started realizing that our client base was very well connected and multiple people jumped to the aid in making new options available which included finding alternate routes via Benin, Ethiopia, Quatar and other places, all with their own logistical challenges and risks and these efforts went on for weeks with many false starts. But what tipped the scale this week was a network connection via our client base that managed to get our kid on a diplomatic flight home out of Lagos, via Benin and Paris and finally to London Heathrow this morning.

After over 5 months apart you can imagine what a joyous reunion. We picked him up from Heathrow this morning and all of us are now in 14 day isolation, but we couldn’t care less. We’re just glad this is over and we’re back together again.

And we couldn’t have made it happen with our awesome client base as the airspace remains shut. No commercial flights. None. Big relief and we feel very fortunate to have found this avenue after many false starts.

Anyways, I’m out for the weekend. Time for family and for us to enjoy our happy ending after months of Covid hell.

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  1. What a fabulous outcome after a stressful time. I hope you find some enjoyment in your enforced isolation and thanks for finding time for the Straight Talk. Looking forward to the next Market Video!

  2. Good to hear the Henrich family unit is together again!

    The adage, “forewarned is forearmed” creates a insatiable need for knowledge and information. At least for me. I’m appreciative and thankful for the three amigos time and effort in sharing there wisdom. I don’t see you as relishing having to point out what market cheerleader ignore. Your not market scolds, or perma-bears, your the messengers, not the message.

    As much as I would miss not getting my weekly fix, it’s not worth burning yourselves out for. A fresh perspective is a good thing.

  3. Of course great that your son is back. But we are clients and pay for your services. Enjoy your familiy time, but can we also get a refund for you not making a video this week?

    • If I hadn’t seen your comment I wouldn’t have believed it possible for someone to say such in these circumstances. Are all your relationships, business and otherwise, this transactional? IMHO you might take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if you like what you see. If you do (like), then I am sorry for you and for any friends you might have.

  4. Great news, Sven! Enjoy your family time as it is much more important than trying to figure out these highly manipulated, and absurdly overvalued casinos that used to be stock markets.

  5. Sven – I like this story better than your charts!! Exciting news. Enjoy the weekend with your family.

  6. awesome news Sven! So happy to hear you were able to get your son back home! I bet this is a happy 14 day quarantine. Enjoy!

  7. Thank you again gentlemen for an insightful Straight Talk.
    Sven it is very good to hear that your son is back home safe. I am surprised at what effort it took to make that happen…

  8. Can’t believe some of the comments about refunds. What of the days you post twice, do we have to pay extra for that? Of course not. Enjoy your family time. People that are so dependent on your advice that they can’t make a decision should be in a mutual fund. As for the market, just like a rubber band we watch it stretch, how much is anybody’s guess but at some point it will break. Best wishes Sven!

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