Beachy Head

We talk about financial markets all the time. But there’s more to life, so here’s something different I thought some of you may appreciate.

In fact, and he doesn’t know this, but it was Guy Adami that inspired this little creative project. In this weekend’s Straight Talk, he made a comment about the background image I took with a drone which I used in our video and he said: “You look at that backdrop and you realize that a lot of things we talk about and a lot of things are going in the world, but you look at that and despite all that we talk about it makes you understand there’s still beauty in the world and there’s still things to be thankful for”.

And he’s absolutely correct of course and his words stuck with me on Saturday. And then I saw this clip of an Eagle flying over some cliffs:

Jealous. How cool would that be to be able to fly among the cliffs?

And then the light went on: I can! I have a drone!

So off I went this morning, alarm at 5:00am, took the Jeep and headed to Beachy Head in Sussex in the south of England.

For those that don’t know: Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 metres (531 ft) above sea level. It’s situated between Brighton and Hastings (near where the Normans invaded in 1066).

France is just across.

Added bonus as you never know who you meet: As you’ll see I ran into some guys that decided to rappel down the cliffs! Mad, you’ll see how vertical that drop is.

Anyways, enjoy, below is the drone footage. It’s a stunningly beautiful spot. I had a blast fwiw.

And before you ask: I used a Mavic Air2 with a 4K camera. I’m not easily impressed but I have to say it works beautifully.

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    • Great cinematography Sven! Beauty is to be seen every day at every moment if we just open our eyes!

  1. Thanks for sharing Sven! You’re incredibly talented (markets, media, videography)… I am sure there is a lot more. Thanks for all you do for the world!

  2. Wow that was sooo spectacular. I’d love to be there. Thank you. Great song. Fresh air. What a great place to live. :). Glad you are out away from the computer a while.

  3. Yes, as crazy as things are, the world still turns, sun rises and sets, and life is good! Great clip. Thanks!

  4. Now I want a drone… Really relaxing, except for when it seemed like the drone might bump into you. Close call. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. I enjoy the clip a lot. Thanks Sven! Cliffs, lots of cliffs – one is tempted to keep a good margin of distance despite of whatever temptation to throw a glance to what happens “down there”. Could this be a metaphor illustrating current financial assets valuation? And what if an unexpected thunderstorm with gail force carries us in the wrong direction…?

  6. Wow… that was amazing! Makes me miss England even more…
    Loving the talks with Guy and Dan too.. keep them coming!


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