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Wedges, Flags and Gaps

Well, at least it’s all out in the open now. Nobody even bothers about growth or earning anymore (at least for now).

It’s all about the Fed, markets by central committee. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the headlines:

It’s just the extension of what we’ve seen all year:

…or since 2009 for that matter:

And for now the machines continue on their programmed mission to buy no matter what:

My current technical outlook remains the same as outlined in Sell Zone.

The Distortion continues.

But look closely, the market construct is fragile. It’s all a bunch of rising wedges, bear flags and open gaps.

Indeed rising wedges have been the hallmark of the market’s action for the past year and a half:




They’ll squeeze and squeeze until they eventually break.

And underneath the big 3 main indexes we have bear flags:




And in between all of these patterns we have an array of open gaps below:

And now a couple above. Markets of the gaps. Wedges, flags & gaps. Swell.

But don’t worry, the Fed has our back. Right? Right.

After all we have Jay Powell to look forward to this week, over and over again no less, 2 congressional testimonies and a speech plus dovish Fed minutes.

Who needs earnings and growth. Well maybe Deutsche Bank, the bank with the largest derivatives book on the planet.

18,000 being laid off. How’s that going? Well, you already know:

Maybe the Fed can keep the 3.6% unemployment fantasy going for a while. Maybe not.

Jay Powell will tell us this week that he can.

Last year he also told us he can raise rates this year.

He couldn’t.

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  1. Capitalism is simply dead! We live in some sort of oligarchy…until the common man revolts. Meanwhile the “growth obsession” fueled by an unprecedented debt accumulation is destroying our beautiful planet. I am ashamed for our children and the next generations. I truly feel sad about the current situation. Frankly it’s unreal…it’s like the TRUMAN SHOW.

  2. They killed the Capital Asset Pricing Model when bank bailouts and QE started. That does mean that capitalism is broken, unlikely to return to the USA for many years. Fed has been destroying the dollar through money printing for 100+ years, and they will be going into overdrive mode soon, one way or the other. The government has done their part to inflate, through massive trillion dollar deficits. They will plunder the middle class of their assets some more soon.

    • yeah, welcome to the “American dream”….but don’t worry, Trump will make the US great again. This is all such a joke…we are truly experiencing the biggest delusional state of mankind ever.

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