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$ES has rallied nearly 300 handles off of the December lows in just a few weeks. The big question: Is the bull market saved or is a larger bear market still to unfold? History may give us some relevant perspective and I’m highlighting some technical observations that may be of interest in this short video.

Note: Thanks for the comments on the previous video (Power Trendlines). While most of my content is in written form I find video format can help communicate some points more effectively, especially when I know I don’t post these videos into empty space. So thanks for the feedback and engagement. If you have questions I’ll do my best to answer below.

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  1. A heads up: people coming to this page via Safari on iPhone see the video window pop up. People visiting the page from the Twitter link, using the Twitter browser, may not be seeing the video window and may not be able to see the video

  2. Good work, Sven. I am a fundamentalist myself (wrote books about it too), but you can obviously do something I can’t, and what’s more, you can explain it clearly. Keep it up. Cheers, AM.

  3. I am an idiot and sold everything to a 12% loss on 12/24 expecting further sell-offs towards the end of the year for tax purposes after looking at historical charts around new years eve. Now I am starting to get the “fear of missing out” on this January rally. Since my instinct is almost always backward and I feel myself wanting to buy stocks again, we’re probably coming up on a good time to short/buy puts.

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