Ok guys, here it is: Instructions on how to transition to the login membership site. 2 step process for you, 3 step process for me. It is actually quite simple, but involves some manual work on my part.

Please make sure to watch the video and follow the instructions no later than Monday morning or you’ll miss access to Monday’s Daily Market Brief and the Dashboard.

You will ultimately receive 2 emails.

The first email arrives when your account has been created on the site and it’ll give you a link to where you can set your now password. This email will come either tonight or tomorrow.

The second email will arrive once I’ve manually (that’s my personal fun task here) assigned each account to the appropriate membership (Daily Market Brief and/or Live Alerts).

Anyways, the video hopefully explains it all.

Thanks for your patience, but this will make all these weekly passwords unnecessary and everything simpler.

In case you have issues resetting your password here’s a fix:

Go to “Log In” on the site
When it asks you to log in type in your username (email address)
then type in any password (which will be wrong)
then THIS will pop up above:

Then follow the link to ‘Lost your password’, and you’ll get a link to reset it.

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