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This post is an update/follow-up to the tech videos I posted late last year. If you haven’t seen them you can watch them here. The story remains principally the same, little to no corrective activity and continued new highs with one exception.

Without further ado here’s the rundown:


$FB made new highs but experienced a drop into its 100MA where it has currently found support:

This support is confluent with a trend line. Should support break risk is into the 200MA and lower trend line. The stock is below the 50MA at the moment, but the weekly trend is still unbroken, but current levels are key to hold:

Note the weekly 50M and daily 200MAs are converging near the same price zones. On a tag this could represent a long trade opportunity


$AAPL continues to see support at the monthly 5EMA. As long as this support holds the next technical target to the upside is the upper trend line which curbed the stock’s advance in 2012 and 2015:


New highs within the confines of its long standing monthly channel. $GOOGL too continues to find support at the monthly 5 EMA. Current monthly RSI is as high during early 2014 which resulted in an eventual reconnect with its monthly 25 MA. No change in trend at the moment.


Breakout above its multi year trend producing the highest monthly RSI reading in over 12 years. Previous RSI peaks of similar size have produced corrective moves into or near to the monthly 25 MA:

But that was back when markets still corrected.

Bottom line: Other than $FB, which is at key support, there’s no real sign yet of tech turning yet key stocks remain at overbought readings commensurate with larger corrective activity in the past.

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