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Today’s Quick Takes:

Once-Hot Apartment Construction Cooling as U.S. Housing Engine

Artificial intelligence and the stability of markets

QT: The long standing trend of computerized program trading may indeed squash volatility forever. AI has no fear, neither do algos. The traditional fear bottom may become a thing of the past. As no participants have fear of any negative consequences of a wrong bet.

And since nobody cares about profits, who then cares about anything?

Profits don’t matter for investors anymore, only whether a company can beat Amazon or Netflix

Amazon stock price target raised to $1,360 at Instinet, making it highest on FactSet

QT: This weekend I did a video on $AAPL’s technicals. I’ll make a point to add one for $AMZN in the days ahead.

A Boring Week in U.S. Stocks Masks a Roaring Appetite for Hedges

The stock market’s ‘split personality’ could set off a correction at any moment, Art Cashin warns

QT: With 30% of S&P stocks down for the year and most market cap gains centered in literally just a handful of stocks risk continues to be mis-priced. But divergences have so far not mattered to indices. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’ve recently discussed the internal picture in Thin to Win.

The bears may have missed their last chance to feast on 2017’s stock market

Wall Street’s stock market forecasters agree — 2018 will be great

QT: Markets only go up now and will only go higher. Don’t you know? My thoughts on this subject in The Great Void.

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