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I’m streamlining my twitter feed a bit to cut down on noise and to make it easier to keep track of key information links to refer to later. In Quick Takes I post links I find of interest & relevant on any given day. These links will cover a broad spectrum of items, from the market impacting/relevant to economic & political news, social and the occasional potpourri/humorous and I may add a quick thought/impression.

If you, as I am, sift through tons of news throughout the day to stay informed then you may come to find these Quick Takes as a useful resource.

Robots Are Coming for These Wall Street Jobs

QT: The next recession will provide more incentive than ever before to automate and replace jobs. The AI revolution, already in progress will make it all possible. Current employment figures are very much deceiving about what the future hold.

Drop in September U.S. Home Starts Reflects Slump in South

Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank

QT: We’ve long been concerned about central banks’ hidden directive: Managing asset prices higher. To see market prices becoming a political football for pushing tax policies is something else. Is this where we’re heading? For politicians to manage the $DJIA? Is this what you want?

Germany’s Top Court Denies Request to Halt ECB Bond Buying

QT: Central bankers remain unelected and their policies are subject to no public review or challenge. Not really. They have dog and pony shows called press conferences and speeches. But you have no say. None. And the German court just told the Germans the same thing.

Retail investors see this as the ‘best time ever’ to jump into stocks. Time to worry?

Millennials think now’s the time to invest, and they’re right

QT: Oh kay…..

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