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I’m streamlining my twitter feed a bit to cut down on noise and to make it easier to keep track of key information links to refer to later. In Quick Takes I post links I find of interest & relevant on any given day. These links will cover a broad spectrum of items, from the market impacting/relevant to economic & political news, social and the occasional potpourri/humorous and I may add a quick thought/impression.

If you, as I am, sift through tons of news throughout the day to stay informed then you may come to find these Quick Takes as a useful resource.

China’s Zhou Warns Corporate Debt Too High, Urges Fiscal Reform

QT: Some people claim debt doesn’t matter. I disagree and at least he’s on the record warning about it. Unlike other central bankers.

Shorts of Volatility Futures Set a New Record

QT: It’s been working, but remains an accident waiting to happen.

Even Bulls Are Getting Left in the Dust by the S&P 500 Rally

QT: Multiple expansion at its finest. Forward $SPX P/E is now 17.9, the highest in this cycle and far above the 10 year average of 14.1 according to FactSet.

Some ECB Members Identify 2.5 Trillion-Euro QE Limit

QT: They will have bought over 2.2 trillion euros in 2017, but Draghi denies there’s a bubble in stocks and bonds. Right. Where’s market equilibrium without 2.2 trillion euro in QE purchases Mr. Draghi?

The Stock Market Charges Ahead, Despite the World’s Storms

QT: from Jim Reid, a strategist at Deutsche Bank, echoed the belief that investors had few places to hide. He examined valuations of 15 stock markets and 15 bond markets since 1800 and concluded that “at an aggregate level, an equally weighted bond/equity portfolio has never been more expensive.

Would ETFs hold up in an 1987-style crash?

QT: Short answer: Nobody knows. At the moment we can’t even get a 1% down day.

Too fat to fight: Colorado nonprofit says military threatened by childhood obesity

QT: Houston we got a problem.

The Multiverse Is Inevitable, And We’re Living In It

QT: The more we learn about the world the more we must realize how little we actually know about it. Should keep us humble about everything.

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