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I’m streamlining my twitter feed a bit to cut down on noise and to make it easier to keep track of key information links to refer to later. In Quick Takes I post links I find of interest & relevant on any given day. These links will cover a broad spectrum of items, from the market impacting/relevant to economic & political news, social and the occasional potpourri/humorous and I may add a quick thought/impression.

If you, as I am, sift through tons of news throughout the day to stay informed then you may come to find these Quick Takes as a useful resource.

October 14/15, 2017

ECB’s Draghi: Commercial real estate valuations stretched, but no signs of bubbles in stocks or bonds

ECB Faces Bond Bottleneck – Bank’s remaining €300 billion could be exhausted in five months if quantitative easing program were extended at its current pace

BOJ’s Kuroda says no signs of excesses building in markets

QT: Funny how the bubble denying is particular strong from those that perpetrate them. Not only are these denials coming out on the same weekend they are coming from the very central bankers that continue pressing the artificial liquidity button.

They see no bubbles:

QT:Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

Why I Went to North Korea

QT: Kristof is worried about war. He should be. Global tensions are rising courtesy Trump, see also Iran. Markets are continuing the price in zero event risk. That works until it doesn’t.

Yellen Calls Inflation the ‘Biggest Surprise’ in the Economy

QT:Maybe she should look at the Macro Charts I keep posting.

It would take an ‘immaculate conception’ to create bear market in stocks right now: analyst

QT:People say the funniest things during the bubbles.

America’s Obesity Epidemic Reaches Record High, New Report Says

QT: This will probably deserve a bigger article at some point, but this is a structural time bomb hitting all of us. The long term effects of poor health and increased medical costs are avoidable.The ever expanding toxic combination of convenience, horrid food products and habits with technology getting everyone to screen suck nonstop, has resulted in the most overweight population on the planet. The resulting bad habits almost did me in. I dropped over 40 lbs in the past year and am working out like a fiend. I feel so much better. People have to make hard choices. It can be done. I know.

Have a good Sunday.

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  1. So has the economy finally reached a point where the majority of wealth is so concentrated that the 90% don’t matter to overall economic growth?


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