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mosaicI post macro charts I find of interest to my public twitter feed when I can, but after a while these become hard to find, hence below please find an accumulation of recent charts in no particular order.

I’ll leave the reader to draw their own conclusions based on the evolving data, suffice to say I don’t buy into the notion that these trends are consequence free. Delayed maybe, the can kicked down the road perhaps, but the cumulative picture that is presented here is mathematically not reconcilable in my humble opinion. Something will ultimately have to give.

I will update this segment from time to time and alert on twitter when I add new charts. The charts are in no particular order nor are they meant to be comprehensive. Consider this to be an evolving library I may move to a resource page at some point:

June 11, 2105

real rates ECB income bankruptices productivity CHINA


Germany PC sales China bank exposure

FED forecasts debt productivity st debt velocity

PEs ECB Inflation corp borrowing costs German yield


-1x-1 PS retirement growth



June 5, 2016


debt jobs sales productivity college GDPDEBT GDP growth ECB income productivity funds rates labor force medical GDP debt g CB expansion house prices

corporate debt


Germany retail


price to sales

debt US


creidt card





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  1. Northy
    Really appreciate this public access.
    I was missing your (&Mella’s!) charts immensely.
    But, I completely understand the reduced free access. I may have to spring for the full access soon!

  2. Charts show us what is and what has happened ,not what is going to happen. One can see free charts all over the internet, its the comments and chat room chit chat on the action that is interesting. The charts have been telling us for quite a awhile that the stock market short term overbought. After it has the next correction/pull back it will tell us its short term over sold. One doesn’t need a college education to know this stuff and see above the clouds/noise. The question Now is .Where are you investing your money is the short term? Next 60 to90 days.

  3. This was/is a great idea … and 10 “likes” for Wiley Coyote. Seriously, I 100 percent agree with you that kicking the can down the road has consequences that we arguably may not be able to see at this time … But, banks, financials, Insurance companies NEED higher rates to return to growth I see no reason Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets can’t or won’t accept that a FED funds rate increase to 0.75 to 1 percent is not going to kill the markets. What I have been arguing, is that the FED needs to seek GLOBAL cooperation with other Central Banks, to get off the markets off the QE addiction, since zero interest rates are NOT working … and neither are negative interest rates … and start catering to the consumer … the consumers are NOT and won’t spend monies they’re worried they can’t replace. If the global Central banks, in lock step, raise rates 0.25 points … then the currency concerns will not be a “stronger USA dollar” issue …

  4. The Momentum Indicator is currently at 145.70 indicating a bullish trend in stocks, but with extreme short term bearish risk. This means the short term risk of the current bullish trend reversing or stalling is very high. Extreme measures of this trend range are 140 to 200. This indicator’s trend cycle extremes take place every 3 to 6 months.

    The Sentiment Indicator is currently at 99.08 indicating the sentiment in the stock market is showing extreme complacency. Risk of a long term bearish trend reversal is extreme. This means the current long term bullish trend is NOT likely to continue. Extreme measures of this trend range are 95 to 100. This indicator’s trend cycle extremes take place every 18 to 24 months.


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