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A Word of Thanks

helpfultwitter2A word of thanks: Last week Art Cashin called this market one of the most difficult he’s seen in the past 50 years. And we agree. We haven’t traded these markets for 50 years, but long enough, and they are indeed tricky as heck. It is very hard work and intellectually very demanding to stay on top of these moves, to make sense of the action, and to develop and execute a successful trade strategy for our members on a daily basis.

In this context then we were particularly grateful to see the incredible response we have received in the recent twitter poll. There were over 70 great candidates and to make it into the top 10 is an honor to say the least, but to make it to the very top was totally unexpected and Mella and I are very humbled and appreciative of everyone’s vote and support. Thank you!

As a small way of saying thank you I’ve made public a couple of the recent Daily Market Briefs for members. You may find some informative, some perhaps humorous, but mostly it gives you hopefully an insight on how we approach markets from an analytical perspective and perhaps you find them useful.

Again, thank you:

December 3, 2015: Not a Bull

November 19, 2015: Idiot

November 3, 2105: Deviation



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