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By now it should be no secret that @Mella_TA and @northmantrader have married, but beyond that they have recently merged their market services into one offering which they felt would be in the best interest of their members, many of which were already separately members of their individual services (NorthmanTrader & KissTrades).

What’s the attraction? Leaving the personal aside (they really did meet via twitter) they bring two very different, yet complimentary, mindsets and trading styles to the table: Northy, a widely regarded market analyst and aggressive day trader with macro bearish leanings and Mella, a well known technical chartist and market bull with a longer term swing approach to trades. Constantly debating markets from every angle members not only get the benefit of vetted analysis from commensurate pros, but also short and long trade set-ups that hold up well under extreme fire & pressure.

On the heels of combining their services at the beginning of October 2014 their analytical and trading skills were immediately put to the test by being confronted with the first 10% market correction in over 3 years.

As any trader can attest: Navigating through such volatility is incredibly difficult and fraught with uncertainty and risk. Having a team on your side with calm determination, clarity and a roadmap of things to come can be invaluable to any trader or investor, be it individuals or institutional.

Talk is cheap, but market calls speak for themselves. During the week of October 13, 2014 many market participants panicked with the $VIX jumping over 31 and key indices falling more than 10% off of their highs made just in the month before. Public panic calls were abundant:


Instead of panic members received a stream of market calls that helped position for the next big move, which was over 130 $SPX handles higher in a matter of a week.

Below are some private member stream market call tweets as they occurred from Northy and Mella during the key stressful hours of the market panic, including their technical view, market roadmaps and identification of key technical patterns that played out in the days to come:

15 channel

15 VIX

Oct 15

inv 1 16

inv 16

16 DB

DB discipline

inv 17

Oct 17

17 charts

inv 21

ES close

TF close

No trader or even a trading team can guarantee or predict every market outcome, but as the tweets above show a vetted process with an experienced team that stays calm under fire can be an invaluable tool in anybody’s trading toolbox.

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