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SPX Poll: What’s next?

twitter pollSo here we go again. Quick pull back and immediate rush buying, trend line saved, buy, buy, buy. Off to new highs or reversal to new lows? The $VIX has a 12 handle again, whatever was scary last week is scary no more. It’s OPEX week and we grind higher into the 50MA as was pre-ordained.

I’m curious what the sentiment is out there on twitter. So I’ve created a little informal poll for two basic scenarios:

Scenario 1: We actually break last week’s low and this market corrects

Scenario 2: Back to new highs and the channel just continues as usual

Would love to hear your thoughts either in the poll below or in the comment section or both:

SPX poll

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  1. Bounce has been weak so far and with Alibaba ipo in play next month i think funds need some cash on their hands to facilitate this sell off.

  2. higher then lower. to about max1970 on ES then tank to 1850ish. think long-only will want lower before fall long. could tank tomorrow too, or an intraday reversal from just over 60s…or something

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