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SPX Poll: What’s next?

twitter pollSo here we go again. Quick pull back and immediate rush buying, trend line saved, buy, buy, buy. Off to new highs or reversal to new lows? The $VIX has a 12 handle again, whatever was scary last week is scary no more. It’s OPEX week and we grind higher into the 50MA as was pre-ordained.

I’m curious what the sentiment is out there on twitter. So I’ve created a little informal poll for two basic scenarios:

Scenario 1: We actually break last week’s low and this market corrects

Scenario 2: Back to new highs and the channel just continues as usual

Would love to hear your thoughts either in the poll below or in the comment section or both:

SPX poll


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  1. Bounce has been weak so far and with Alibaba ipo in play next month i think funds need some cash on their hands to facilitate this sell off.

  2. SP500 has .79 correlation with DAX ….Dax is technically broken…any rally will be capped at 9600

  3. Gotta play the channel. It works until it doesnt

  4. higher then lower. to about max1970 on ES then tank to 1850ish. think long-only will want lower before fall long. could tank tomorrow too, or an intraday reversal from just over 60s…or something

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