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Disturbance in the Force?

obiwanAh here we go the pre-ordained run toward record highs $SPX 2,000 here we come. Except that darn $DJIA just doesn’t want to play along, nor does the #DAX or the Nikkei or the Russell 2000. It’s a large cap US and US tech affair. And something else may indicate a disturbance in the force. The worst long investment vehicle in the world the $VXX is showing a surprising divergence: It’s no longer going to new lows, rather it’s making higher lows on the $SPX’s new highs. Odd. And it’s even green today.

Make of it what you will, we’ve got our trade plan in action, but it’s a curiosity I thought worth pointing out:



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  1. Still like xxx long hedging spy and soxx


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