Can you spot the Change?

mysteryThe monthly chart of the $SPX is a stunning piece of uniformity. Nestled along its 5 EMA it has continued to chug along in a steady fashion with barely a disturbance in the force for over 2 years. As we are approaching the end of July can you spot the change in trend that has defined the month of July so far? Does it represent a change in trend from the past 2 years or will the trend reassert itself before month end? Hint: The trend demands a specific price target being met before month end:

SPX monthly


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  1. I give up, what is it?

    • In the entire 2 year rally there has not been a 2 months sequence disconnected from the 5EMA. Single months yes (rarely), but never 2. This suggests trend re-connect before month end. Does not guarantee it, but that has been the trend.

  2. thanks!

  3. Ghey has become more ghey-er – thats all I can see


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